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This man achieved a 43 pound weight loss in 9 months

Donald Gross – a husband and father of three children who works full-time as Assistant Manager at Walmart – is a self-described "typical guy". But in the last nine months, he has done something extraordinary: a 43-pound weight loss that has completely changed his body. This is his story.

The Bases

  • Age: 45
  • Size: 5 "
  • Highest Weight: 196 lbs.
  • Weight Now: 153 LB.
  • Total Weight Loss: 43 lbs.

    In terms of lifestyle before losing weight, Gross remembers high-calorie breakfasts, lunches and dinners ̵
    1; and a lot of snacks in between.

    "[On a] typical day When I Found It I ate 3,850 calories . [I was] I drink a gallon of sweet tea daily … When I came home from work late at night, it did not matter – I still ate a big dinner and then added a bowl of ice cream and / or a snack and then go to bed. We would eat a lot and take our favorite dishes such as burgers and fries, pizza and wings, and our favorite meal was Chinese with a command of crab-yang-we did not think about how it affects our body, our health or our weight. "19659010" He realized that he had something to eat with his parents' loss.

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    "In 2012, I lost my father to cancer, and then 16 months later, I lost my mother … She had several health problems, including diabetes, and I think, with all this unconsciously, I used food to make myself at my loss

    "… I knew I was overweight, but I just kept going, enjoying it without worries. I felt bloated, had shortness of breath, had no extra energy and [was] was tired all the time … I was diagnosed with GERD (acid reflux), high blood pressure and my cholesterol was not in a good range. I took medication for all three. But in my mind I felt pretty normal – so I enjoyed everything I ate and did not worry about the consequences.

      Weight Loss Transformation

    Donald Gross

    In February 2018, a routine check-up prompted him to take action.

    "My doctor said [I looked] pretty healthy, but mentioned that I have my blood pressure and mine Cholesterol had to be controlled. And like all past visits, he patted me on the stomach again and said, "Maybe I want to work on it." On every other visit, I just heard him and went through my business, but this time something in me said, "That he will not do that to me anymore. "That was my aha moment.

    " … When I got home, I talked to my wife and said to her, 'Let's get started, let's get well become. I told her that after the first week, when I saw no results, I was done. I felt it was not worth it or my time. So we set a date that started on March 10, 2018. "

    To start, he did not go to the gym or a paid diet plan, he downloaded MyFitnessPal and turned to an old exercise machine

    " [The app] started at 1,800 calories a day – that's a big difference to my 3,850 calories, which I took to myself. [I thought,] How will I survive?

    "We bought a stationary bike from Sit N Cycle before I thought about starting my transformation, so we said," That helps us get in shape! "Well, like everything else, it was there as a dust collector – until I started in March. My practice [consisted] driving the stationary bike for 10 miles (20 minutes) and burning 180 calories, I've had in the past few months Burning 55 kilometers (55 minutes), burning 530 calories, I do that 2-3 times a week.

    "At night I would do sit-ups, crunches and push-ups and lift 40 + lb. Dumbbells I also used my Fitbit as a tool to follow my steps. I started with my daily goal of 6,000 steps, increased it to 10,000 steps and now my daily goal is 12,500. In the evening, my wife and I take a walk through our city. I [also] bought Gold's Gym XRS 50 home gym equipment that helps with leg raises and bench presses.

    And he found a helpful way to cope with his new calorie intake:

    "I started to look at it as money. In my opinion, I had 1800 "dollars" to "spend" one day. How should I spend it? I looked at the biscuits and chocolate bars I would eat every day: each biscuit had 200 calories in just 1, and I would eat 2-3 a day; The chocolate bar I had enjoyed had around 300 calories. In my opinion, a typical balanced meal would make up about 500 calories, so I had to spend my calories wisely to balance my budget to get through the day.

    Gross lost 3 pounds in the first week. In the second week, he lost 2 more. Then he realized: "Something happened."

    "I talked to someone at work and said," I only lost 5 pounds. "In my eyes it was not that much, they said, 'Go over and take the 5-pound bag of potatoes and carry' em around – that's what you lost, which made me think: it was more than me So I continued my transformation and lost 2-3 kg a week, at my 1,800 calories a day. "

      Weight loss transformation

    Donald Gross

    Sometimes he hit small bumps along the road, but he gave never open.

    "There have been a few weeks I've been able to hold my weight – I've lost nothing, I've gained as much as £ 3 on vacation, and it was very disappointing to see the scales going down every week How I Used It I thought, "What have I done differently to sustain or gain this week?" And then I would work on it and fix it. "

    His wife was an excellent motivator.

    "One day, due to my work, I was out of town and reading my calories for that day, I said disappointed and waited for her to say," Shame on you, "but instead she said," It is Okay, tomorrow is another day. "The motivation that my wife and others give me helps me to stay focused and move on."

    Gross can not determine the day his stomach has disappeared: "One It was just gone that day. "

    "Now I feel like I have more energy than ever before, and when I look in the mirror I can only smile – not out of arrogance, but out of the feeling of accomplishment, I do not know who that is Person is, I feel and look like a very different person.

    "… My thinking is so different. I plan and take care now [about] what I eat and put in my body. I feel like I'm going on air. I am not the same as before and … now I feel happy in my own skin.

      Weight Loss Transformation [19659017] Donald Gross

    Gross says it's never too late to adopt a new, healthy lifestyle.

    It does not matter who, what, or where you are in your life can make you better … I just turned 45 in October, and I never thought I'd take care of healthy eating and weight lifting and exercise at this age, it's my new way of life and I can not help it.

    He also has a new motto:

    "My life had a grip on me. Now I have my life under control. "

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