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This is how you train with Strongman Training

Like many others, I started weight training in high school. I found out I liked the lift when a new neighbor moved in and showed us the sand-filled weight set of his older brother. So long was the high school for me.

I kept it up during college and made my training the focus of my day. I loved it so much that I switched my major from mathematics to exercise science, and over 40 years and several degrees later, I've maintained it.

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But five years ago I met a rut. "Oh, shit, it's Beintag, what do you want to do," I say. "I do not know what you want to do," my training partner replied. We needed a change.

Luckily, I met a trainer named Art Boss at a NSCA state hospital in New Jersey, where he lectured on Strongman training. Art was quiet but captivating, inviting his audience to try out some of the maneuvers he'd described with a huge tractor tire, among other things.

Trying Strongman

After attending a walk with farmers, retooling the hoop, and lifting an Atlas Stone ̵

1; the signature in Strongman contests – I had to try it myself. Art invited each participant to train at Boss Strength and Conditioning every Saturday afternoon (mostly in his backyard).

A friend of mine and another participant of the clinic agreed to try it with Art. We tried to squeeze an axle loaded with large truck tires, to pull a sledge over the asphalt driveway and much more. The training was tiring and intoxicating at the same time. I was addicted.

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The author shoots tires with the crew of Boss Strength and Conditioning.

Rick Howard

After training I felt physically drained – but not in a way "I was lifting myself too much and I can not get up." It was more of a kind of "I trained my body as if it had never been trained before." I was not very good at it. Actually, I was shit.

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"The big misunderstanding in strongman training is that you have to have world class power – not like that!" Art explains. "Just like traditional fitness exercises, Strongman events can appeal to all ages and groups be tailored to physical abilities. Whether you're looking to increase athletic performance or simply maintain an independent and injury-free lifestyle, Strongman can make your program both entertaining and functional. "

This versatility really interested me, I was pretty strong at any age with lifts in the gym – but that was different – the practice challenged me as if I had never asked for anything in my life – I stayed practically every Saturday and worked with Art and a diverse group of people to do better

Take Strongman to the next level

I began to pursue the world's competition with the strongest man on purpose, how did these super-strong men do it?

One important thing, The one I noticed was that there is no standard technique for each event – but there is a slight variation in the Tec hnik, which could be more effective for every person. For example, when a tire is turned over, some lifters bring the tire to the knee and then climb underneath to turn the tire over. Others try to generate enough energy to turn everything around in one go. Both techniques are acceptable.

Shortly after I discovered the Strongman error and participated in an organized competition, I participated in one myself. I was impressed with how the lifters supported and encouraged other lifters, shared open tips and tricks and really wanted everyone to do their best.

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TeamBix force founder Kyle Bixler maneuvers an Atlas Stone.

Rick Howard

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Art helped me find the next contest approved by the Strongman Corporation (competitions are sanctioned for consistency, meet a standard and count towards Nationals) and are badly played by TeamBix Strength and zero in most disciplines Although I did not do as well as I had hoped, I was encouraged by all the participants and the organizer. I have not always found it in a weight room, I have continued my training and in fact I won my Ca Tegory in a strongman competition not once but twice now, which will keep me going for another 40 years

How Strongman Can Help You

Even if there is a litany of articles that say you should avoid certain exercises when you're over or under a certain age or age Body type we know that building a foundation with basic movements gives riders the freedom to choose other exercises and activities. Panning, squatting, running, pushing, pulling, supporting and turning are essential movements. Strongman events include many, often together.

The biggest bang for the Bock Strongman exercises are farmer walks, sandbag transports and sandbag extensions. On walks by farmers, you can add back muscles to your upper body while working on your grip, forearms, and torso. If you do not have access to the Strongman style farmers, you can simply take some dumbbells, run 4 to 10 sets of 50 to 100 foot drums, and hold your body weight in each hand.

  Dumbbell Wear

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How often do you wear something in front of your body? Dog food, laundry, even your child; Whenever you carry something without handles, this is a front carry. The addition of frontal support equipment with items such as sandbags can be a fun challenge in building thick spine erectors and even working the rib cage. If you do not have a sandbag, you can stack several bumper plates together, as shown in this video:

You can run runs of 50 to 200 feet for 2 to 4 sets. Another good step is to make sandbags or other front-loaded extensions (see below). Try 3 to 4 sets of 6 to 10 repetitions.

You can also do these movements for a more traditional strength training. If you are really addicted, consider strongman one day a week and then balance your weekly exercise with traditional exercises.

Just remember to start slowly and, if possible, find someone who can help you on your way – you will not be the strongest man in the world. "Be trainable," says Kyle Bixler, founder of Teambix Strength. "Listen to someone who has been in the sport for 15 years and not someone who has received Strongman certification." Remember Strongman is a journey, not a sprint.

If you have enough time to complete the events in a supportive, collegial atmosphere, try out a Strongman contest from Event and hear your story.

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