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This guy stopped playing and pulled off a 129-pound weight loss transformation

When he saw that he had struck £ 315, 25-year-old Francisco Medeiros sold his Xbox the next day. This is his story, as she told Maria Masters.

In high school I arrived at about 260 pounds. I knew that I was taller than others, but I was unaware that was much much larger. What put me there was not really food – it was video games. I started playing when I was 10 years old.

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At first it only worked to socialize with my friends: they came by every day to play Mario Tekken and Medal of Honor I was really excited in middle school when I was on the internet As soon as I got home, I ran upstairs to play Gears of War 1 until 1 or 2 o'clock. I ate snacks that did not make my controller too dirty: biscuits, pringles- Cans, and I've drunk a lot of soda – I could just kill a whole sprite box, I knew I loved games, but I did not know how unbalanced my life had become [194590] 02] In June 2017, I visited one walk-in clinic for one Rash on the leg. It turned out that the skin infection was not a big deal – it was the routine weighing in which the problem existed. When I stepped on the scales, I saw that my weight had risen to 315 pounds. I was shocked. I could not believe that I had exceeded the 300 mark. That's when I knew I was a gambling addict – it was impossible for me to play in moderation. I played them for 5 to 8 hours each, and the furthest went to the fridge or the bathroom.

The next day, I listed my Xbox on Craigslist and later exchanged games and accessories for a camera worth $ 1,000. The guy I swapped them for was stunned. But I knew that I had to completely remove the temptation from my life.

"I am the most fit I have been since my schooldays."

I researched diets online and stumbled across the Reddit / Loseit channel, where I heard from CICO: "Calories in, calories out." Try to eat less than your body burns at your current body weight. Everyone raved about My Fitness Pal, an app that records your calories. That was the proof (and the motivation I needed) to download it. I also went to the gym three times a week. First, I ate the recommended amount to lose one pound a week; Then I opted for the two-pound-week option.

Fast forward to today and I still count calories – I use the app 495 days in a row, to be exact. And I am currently at 186 pounds, the most fit I have been since school.

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