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This guy made a video of 127 men looking bald

Hair loss and hair loss affect many men and can lead to embarrassment, insecurity, and even shame. This need not be.

The Baldcafe channel on YouTube was created to encourage positive attitudes and confidence among bald men. One of the more recent posts shows the difference it can make to proactively go for your own bald head and opt for the look with a shaved head. The video shows before and after footage of no fewer than 127 men who took the plunge and shaved their heads.

According to Harry James, the station’s host, each of these before and after pictures marked “incredible turning points in the lives of all these people”


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“This is not something to be ashamed of. Balding and balding isn’t just something that happens to a handful of guys,” says James. “These people on this video have decided to move on … you can see it in so many of these afterimages; the smiles, they said it all. You could literally see it on their faces.”

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James has documented his own experiences with baldness on the Canal, but says that it wasn’t until he actually grew his bald hair that he was able to fully face his fear for his hair loss and move forward.

“I realized that even with that bald hair nobody cares,” he said. “Nobody mentions it. Nobody gives a shit. And that only allowed me the last piece of cake, that cherry on top. I have nothing more to worry about with that damn bald hair. And that will allow me to rock my shaved head yet more confident. “

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