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This guy lost 230 pounds and got ripped off through weight training

Growing up, Omar Thaher gained so much weight that he became “deaf” to the number on the scales. “I graduated from high school weighing 400 pounds,” he says on a recent episode of web series Brand new me.

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It wasn’t until he was 19, when he hit his heaviest at 440 pounds, that Omar knew he had to change something. “I just realized this was getting out of hand. My life will either end with losing this weight, getting in shape, or continuing down this path and dying or suffering from an illness at a young age.”

He started exercising, including lifting weights in the gym, and had lost more than 30 pounds within the first month, which encouraged him to keep going. Now he says that the gym has become “therapeutic” for him: “It’s about keeping me healthy and keeping myself mentally where I want to be.”

Omar finally lost a staggering 230 pounds in less than two years and is now holding his weight at 250 pounds or so. He also makes YouTube videos sharing the things he learned during his trip in the hopes that what he learned will be useful to others.

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“It’s really more than fitness,” he says. “It’s a whole lifestyle aspect that I’m really just about helping people achieve their dream body, but also helping people open up to their dream state of mind, their dream life. Fitness is a big part of it, so I like to share my weight loss … Being body positive for me means more accepting that you are that weight and loving your body, but also accepting that you can change this weight. “

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