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This guy fixed his diet with basic swaps and lost 120 pounds

• Through years of unhealthy eating habits, Todd Dyer's weight peaked at around 350 pounds.
• Simple dietary changes, such as eating low-carbohydrate, high-fat meals and experimenting with intermittent fasting, helped him lose weight by 120 pounds.
• He now says his next goal is to work with a coach friend to build more muscle.

When Todd Dyer went to hospital for back pain, the doctors asked again and again whether he had fallen or injured himself. He said no and they showed he had a small spinal fracture – probably because he was carrying so much extra weight on his body.

This was a wake up call for 29-year-old Dyer, a call center leader from Adelaide, South Australia. He was always a chubby kid, as he puts it, but after high school he grew taller and slimmer. For a while he could eat as much junk food as he wanted without gaining weight.

"Unfortunately, the bad food caught up with me when I got a bit older," he says. His diet was a mess ̵

1; he ate fast food several times a week. "A pretty normal meal for me would be a whole big pizza and a huge box of hot french fries with meat and cheese," he says. And he was no longer an active, sporting teenager, but worked in a call center and got no movement.

The diet and way of life caught up with him. At 25, he topped 350 pounds with 5 & # 39; "I always felt like absolute crap," he says. I would try to climb only a small slope or go up a few steps. I would be out of breath for ten minutes afterwards. "Apart from the physical effects, his self-esteem was in the toilet." I felt disgusting and I hated seeing myself in photos or in mirror images when I passed buildings, "says Dyer. I was not a normal person Life, and I did not deserve respect or kindness from anyone. "

His spinal fracture brought home the danger of living with all those extra pounds. I realized I had to lower my weight. "Turning things around was not easy, he initially lost more than 60 pounds just to win it back.

But he devoted himself to a healthier lifestyle, starting with his diet. After doing some research, he jumped straight into a low-carbohydrate, fat diet. His girlfriend was supportive and came along for the ride. "I started it very slowly at first, as I still ate quite large meals, but gradually meal sizes shrank with my weight," he says. He also worked occasionally with fasting in his routine. And he simply increased his practice by taking the stairs instead of the elevator, getting off the bus early, and traveling the rest of the way to work. "I have not really started to train," he says, "but that's the next step."

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	<span class= Todd Dyer [19659010] After 18 months, he has lost more than 125 pounds and it took some time for him to recognize himself in the mirror, but now he loves what he looks like." I admit that from time to time I deliberately walked past a large window so I could do it Take a quick look at me in the reflection, "he says, noting that many of his health problems have improved, he is more confident , more focused and energetic.

For Dyer, this meant a complete change in lifestyle and he advises others to realize it's what it takes – fads can bring you short term results, but you often recover from being overweight. Now that he has lost weight, the next step is to build muscle: he has a coaching friend who takes him to the next level.

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