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This guy did a 14 day “mini cut” to lose his “quarantine belly”.

Since the gyms are closed and there is motivation to train in short supply in the past five months, quite a few people have reached “Quarantine 15”. When the lockdown in his region began to relax in June, YouTuber Daniel Tamago set about losing the weight he had gained and returning to his fitness goals.

To achieve this, he faced the challenge of a two-week cut in which he wanted to lean forward and return to his taut, pre-pandemic body. Tamago quickly makes it clear that he is by no means a fitness influencer and that this video is only intended to document his transformation, rather than being considered educational. “What I do works for me, but it may not work for everyone,”

; he says.

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Tamago follows a push-and-pull workout for two weeks, hits each muscle group twice a week, and takes one day off a week to allow his body to rest and recover. “By keeping my training simple and consistent, it’s easier to stick to the plan, which makes it a more sustainable routine,” he says.

“For cardio, I only did light cardio, such as stationary bikes or incline hikes,” he explains. “I tried to stay away from excessive cardio and placed my meals right in front of the gym so I could get more energy and maintain my strength.”

He also assumes a calorie deficit for the mini-cut and reduces his daily food intake to 1,600 calories, consisting of 40 percent protein, 40 percent carbohydrates and 20 percent fat. “Such a large calorie deficit is definitely not sustainable in the long run, as there are negative side effects such as loss of strength and fatigue,” says Tamago. “But since it’s only been two weeks, I’ll try and see if I’m disciplined enough to assert myself.”

At the end of the two-week challenge, Tamago not only lost some of this fat around his stomach, but also a certain size and muscle definition. Check out his results in the video.

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