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This guy did 100 pushups every day for a year

James Stewart Whyte had previously struggled with consistency and motivation in his personal fitness, so he faced the challenge of doing 100 pushups a day on the grounds that he could add additional workouts to his routine as soon as possible he had done so established the daily habit.

"Although I like lifting weights and running, I don't do them every day," he says in a YouTube video that records his progress. "I want to develop a mindset in which I do something every day to get closer to a bigger goal, to be fit and to be healthier."

He started on New Year's Day 201

9. "One of the best A new habit is that to break down the barriers that could give you an excuse to skip repetition and then stop altogether, "he says. The pushups had practically no barriers because no gym or equipment was required, and Whyte could do them anywhere, anytime of the day

After a month, Whyte said, training had not necessarily become easier, as he tended to do all 100 repetitions at once, became at least a habit. As soon as this habit became established in his daily routine, he began to include lifting and other exercises in his workout, his 100 reps i n split sentences and train other muscle groups in between.

Towards summer Whyte noticed some changes. "I built muscle and got stronger, and daily training became easier," he says. "Although the results were modest, they were there ."

In addition to his daily training, Whyte also maintained a consistent high-protein, low-sugar diet. He also spent time learning how to correct his push-up shape to get the most out of each of his 100 daily reps, which he believes have helped him build more muscle in the second half of the year.

During his weight at the end of years of challenge is about the same, Whyte says, a bigger part of it is now muscle. "The results weren't massive, but there were results of what I would consider every day to be relatively little effort," he says, admitting that he deliberately chose a daily goal that wasn't overly physical was intense, but achievable, since his real goal was to build a habit that could then form the basis of his future training as he continued his fitness journey.

"Doing a few pushups a day won't build much muscle, but will do it every day will build discipline, and discipline is much more valuable," he says.

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