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This guy achieved a 130 pound weight loss transformation by learning to cook

With 348 pounds, Fitzroy Powell Jr. has cleared the drive-through penalty – and regained his life. When he learned to cook, he lost over 130 pounds. This is his story, as she told Maria Masters.

I've always been heavy, but my weight has not always bothered me. In high school, I played defensively, and my 5 & # 39; 10, 315-pound frame was an advantage on the field. Sure, I had some fat on me, but I was strong and active. That changed in 2014 when I started college. Not only did I stop exercising, but I also began to ask why I am at school at all. I felt directionless, so in the dining room I searched for comfort, where I ate everything on the menu: pizza, chicken, burgers, cakes. Over the next two years, I've gained another 30 pounds.

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Spring 2017 came I was halfway through college and working in a local movie theater where I left popcorn and snacks after closing in. One night instead of going home, I stopped at Taco Bell and ordered almost everything I ate most of the food on the way back home and cleaned the leftovers later that night Then, a few hours later, I ate again I felt sick in my stomach, I remember thinking as I did Why am I doing this for me? At last I thought there was enough, I knew I needed to change something, at that point I was 348 pounds

I made a stop at Taco Bell and ordered almost everything the menu [19659008] The very first thing I did was cut out soda and other sugary drinks and replace them with water. It seemed the easiest change, and I had to save my calories for food. I also kept away from driving through and started cooking my own meals. The weight started to melt. I am 23 now and have lost 133 pounds. Cooking is much easier than people who do not cook, make it a mission, because there are no rules! They make food for themselves and as long as you do not burn down the house, you can taste it at will.

Normally, I take one day to prepare meals for the week, which saves me both time and money. I now enjoy cooking, because I know it helps me on my journey. There are so many quick and easy recipes that make cooking easier. My current goal: ground peppers stuffed with turkey and some cheese over it. Healthy, easy, filling!

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