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This dumbbell HIIT workout video burns your arms and abdominal muscles

Biceps curls are a solid OG movement in their own right, and Burpees are already a strong AF, so why should they be combined into a Dumbbell Burpee and a Bicep Curl ?! Well, a. why not? But mostly b. because compound exercises like these give you the bigger bang for your money. If you want the scientific version: Combined exercises train multiple muscle groups and move multiple articulated levers (think of your knees and hips) so they can train faster than isometric or single muscle group exercises and, above all, increase your heart rate. In essence, you combine strength and stamina not only in your training but in a exercise . (See: Is It Important To Know In What Sequence Do You Do Exercises?)

Hannah Davis, CSCS and owner of Body By Hannah Studio of Cleveland, TN, did this incredibly efficient dumbbell and abdominal training with four compound exercises get a complete, hard-hitting workout. In the end, your arms will shake and your core will scream, but the victory is sweet (and that's the profits, girl)!

How It Works: For each exercise, you will work for 45 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds before proceeding to the next movement. Complete 3 rounds in total.

What you need: A series of medium weight dumbbells

Dumbbell Inchworm to Row

A. Hold a dumbbell in each hand, place your hands in front of the floor and walk slowly with your hands (still reaching for weights) until you reach a high plank position.
B. Turn your right arm back, then left, before you go to your feet with your hands to stand.

Rotor switch with press

A. Start in plank position with dumbbells. Quickly jump the right foot outside the right hand and leave the left leg behind for a broad stance of the climber.
B. Keep left hand on the ground, turn the upper body to the right and press the right arm and hold the dumbbell in the sky.
C. Place your hand back on the ground, then quickly change your legs and bring your left foot out of your left hand, turn your upper body to the left and push your left arm up.

Squats, knees to chest with dumbbells in each hand on the floor. Jump back with both feet and land in a high plank position. Perform a push-up.
B. Jump your feet forward and land with both hands, then stand.
C. Perform a hammer call with your palms facing your body.

Clean and press dumbbell

A. Stand with dumbbells in both hands by your sides. Hinges on the hips and bring your arms behind you. Swing it quickly forward and to the chest with the palms facing inward as you stand, squeezing the gluteal muscles together.
B . Press your heels through your heels with a light squat as you push the dumbbells straight up.

Whole body photo

A. Lie on your back with your knees bent, your feet on the floor, and the ends of a dumbbell in both hands. Arms stretched over the head and behind you on the floor.
B. With a quick movement, swing your arms up and down, knees, squeeze your heels and stand with your dumbbell at chest level.
C. Push the weight up, then return to the chest before reversing. They sit on the ground and roll up their spine to return to their starting position.

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