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This boss lost 200 pounds in one piece by making this delicious recipe

Photo: Tanya Yatsenko / Shutterstock.com

Four years ago, chief Matt Jennings was told he could either lose weight or die. At 400 pounds, Jennings had high cholesterol, an acute anxiety disorder, and was on her way to becoming prediabetic. Realizing how uncontrollable his food craving had become, the five-time James Beard Award nominee made simple but crucial dietary changes that might have saved his life.

Jennings said today that he opted for leaner proteins, choose whole and fine cereals and eat a variety of products that help him lose weight. The chef began to eat smaller meals and eat four to five times a day to recharge and stay full. He also insisted on being hydrated by drinking half a gallon of water daily.

One of Jennings favorite recipes is a simple fish and vegetable dish with heart-healthy fats. He simply cooks fresh fish, potatoes, olives and herbs in a paper bag with radishes, green beans and tomatoes at 350 degrees for 35 minutes. The only preparation is to blanch the potatoes first, then throw everything else in a bag and bake together to get a hearty, clean and tasty meal. By steaming fish and vegetables in Papillote, you can not only quickly clean up, but also cook all the ingredients without much oil or butter.

Jennings also attributes exercise for weight loss and conservation. He told TODAY that he had to start prioritizing the exercise in the morning, otherwise it would be easy to forget in the middle of a quick shift. (See also: 8 health benefits of morning exercise)

Losing weight does not require intensive exercise programs and a perfect diet (as there is no perfect diet anyway). Jennings said it's about taking a few small steps to achieve your weight loss goals. He added that he could maintain his 200-pound weight loss by adding more fiber, healthy fat, and exercise to his diet.

This story was originally published on CookingLight.com by Lauren Wicks.

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