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This bicep workout is the perfect finisher

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For many men, the best part of an arm-day workout is the finisher. You could pump through dumbbell curls, hammer curls, barbell curls – obviously the big topic here is curls – and you'll probably burn on repetitions to feel this incomparable bicep pump.

There's nothing wrong with tearing them (if you use the right shape, of course), but you can stop without blind volume. Men's Health Fitness director Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S., confuses his bicep finisher by turning the script to focus on tension ̵

1; and literally turns his dumbbells.

You need two dumbbells for the final round. Do not be overly ambitious and pick up on something superficial. Samuel only works with 25-pound dumbbells when doing the training and advises everyone to work at a weight of 10 pounds below what he could use for a standard curl. The movements may feel familiar at first, but that will change quickly as you begin to feel the tension.

  • Make it up with both arms and work to maintain this vertical humeral position.
  • Press and lower the weight by half with the elbows fixed at a 90 degree angle.
  • Make 1 slow back and forth, then move to the position of the hammer (weight parallel) and descend.

    Next iteration: Repeat the series, but do 2 turnovers. Then turn three times and then climb the ladder and go as high as possible until your shape falls apart.

    "They build and relieve time under tension from that forearm parallel position to the ground, and then add a bit of eccentric brachialis work," says Samuel. "The Twist in the middle of the repetition provides the opportunity to perfect and learn your supination, and helps build biceps pinnacles, and your arms also need to stabilize against the movement of these twists."

    If your arms can no longer accept more repetitions in this first sentence, you are not done yet. Perform two more sets for a total of three to really finish your arms and get a bicep pump that you will not forget in no time.

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