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This allows you to keep your stress levels in check while driving

  How to keep your stress levels under control while driving

Fast Bites

  • High stress levels while driving are not a good idea
  • Making calls while driving can be dangerous
  • Stay calm and drive, you do not have to be aggressive.

Do you feel stressed while driving? Do not worry, you are not alone. More than 6 million videos of people lost during driving are available online to confirm this. These are the ones who were caught on tape; the number is higher than that. Many people suffer from stress while driving.

Increasing traffic, tailgating and poor motorists are some of the reasons why you may be under stress on your way to work. A bad day can contribute to this stressful situation. We can admit that the driver's seat also brings some anger. That does not mean that it is normal. It is not!

Living in a traffic-calmed city will only increase your stress and increase your anger, which can also be dangerous for you and other drivers. There are several ways you can manage your stress while driving.

Early injury does not harm anyone

If you are familiar with the fact that you get stuck in traffic, then plan accordingly. If you leave home early, your commute time will be shortened, so you will not be stressed and protected from traffic. This is especially useful during meetings or job interviews because the stress increases in a situation where you have a ticking clock over your head.

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Do not use your phone.

As much as you hate this idea, it's for your own good. Telephoning while driving is a punishment, but sometimes it can even lead to disaster. Focus on the road while driving. SMS and speech can be done at your destination. This will also help you to avoid situations that can annoy you during a telephone discussion and increase the stress.

Do not waste time with bad or aggressive drivers.

Every now and then you will find some drivers who are simply not good at driving or being rude. If you talk to them, only your time is wasted. So it's better to just change lanes. You may also find some aggressive riders to clear the way by driving aggressively or arguing with someone. You should stay away from such drivers to stay calm and relaxed.

Focus on the Consequences

If all of the above does not work for you, just remember what could happen if you react and lose control in the street. You could lose your license, end up in jail and lose your job – it does not seem like a pretty picture, does it? Calm the situation calmly and if you can not, avoid it and move on.

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Bottom Line

It's more important to stay alive than to arrive somewhere in time. Relax and stay calm on the road to avoid difficult situations. In this way you save energy and keep the stress under control. Stress only leads to more health problems and this can have fatal consequences when driving.

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Written by: Arushi Bidhuri

Source: Onlymyhealth Editorial Staff January 9, 2019

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