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This 10-minute HIIT circuit boosts your mood and heart rate

Need a quick boost of energy? Whether you're traveling or chilling out at home, it's easy to try out this workout. In the video, Simone De La Rue, the author of Body By Simone, shows us how to complete a confidence-inspiring HIIT routine in just 10 minutes. All you need is a yoga mat, a towel or a blanket and you're ready to get started. Watch the video or take a look at descriptions of their five exercises below.

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Exercise 1
: The Frog

19659004] Get yourself in a perfect crouch, knees over your ankles. Jump forward twice until you reach the other end of the mat, then go back in four steps.

Exercise 2: Speed ​​skater

This is an explosive movement when you jump from one side of the mat to the mat. Land your knees over your toes and tap the mat. For a modified version, you can only step and tap without the effective jump.

Exercise 3: Lunge and Step Back

Get down to a plank and make sure your prey is underneath, elbows slightly bent, shoulders above wrists. Take a deep lunge in front of your hands and bring your leg back to the center. For a more sophisticated version, take the opposite arm off the floor and forward as you move through this exercise.

Exercise 4: Kicking Your Own Ass

Put your feet together outside the mat and duck your arms on the floor. Step on the other side of the mat with your legs and make sure you stabilize and hold on before lowering your legs. For a change, break it up with two jumps to bring your legs to the other side.

Exercise 5: Tornado Burpee

With your knuckles under your knees and knees under your hips, jump up and down a plank (similar to the beginning of a traditional burpee). Jump on your wrists with your feet and come up. Turn your body like a tornado and then change direction.

The goal is to perform 10 reps of each exercise and three rounds of the set. If you are looking for a quick way to pump your energy and attention, this is the routine for you.

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