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Things you should not do before cycling

From: Onlymyhealth Staff Writer, Onlymyhealth Editor Date: June 24, 2017

Cycling is considered the best cardio workout. Studies suggest that people who are active cyclists are less likely to have blood pressure problems. However, there are certain things that many people do before cycling, and these things that can instantly reverse any health benefits of cycling and can also have negative effects.

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    Drink plenty of water

    Hydration is important in moderation Many people drink one or two full glasses of water before cycling to make up for water loss, which is not good. Your liver can only process a certain amount of water at a time and drink more than this is not good anyway. If you drink more water, you only need to pee every two minutes. In worse cases drinking a lot of water may even cause nausea. Therefore, it is advisable to drink only half an hour before cycling. While cycling, a few sips of water will suffice, so you just do not want to parch.

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      Drinking plenty of water
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    Eating high in fat

    Before When cycling you need foods that can easily break down into energy while the food is so high in fat that it does not breaks into energy. Because fatty food takes a while to digest, it stays in your gut longer and can eventually harden your bike while you're not delivering energy while you're driving.

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      Eating high in fat
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    Avoid stretching.

    Normally, stretching is a mandate before any physical activity, but minutes before cycling is not a good thing, as some studies suggest if you stretch before cycling, you can weaken your muscles and tend to pull muscles. You can stretch at least 10 to 20 minutes before cycling.

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      Avoid stretching
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    Not setting the gears properly

    Some people use their gear so that they ride a bike a bit hard, for better results, while only the risk of injury is increased. It is not right to exercise your body and muscles more than your intended capacity. It is better to press on a moderate level only according to the performance of your body.

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      Incorrectly set

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