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These fitness journal brands help you keep track of your resolutions

Those who decided that fixing one resolution per year was the way to get it straight never stepped into a gym. Fitness goals are always about constantly reassessing and adjusting – sometimes it's really hard to get motivated, and sometimes you feel like the Hulk. So if you are like me, you need a place where you can write down all your goals. These nine planners are great to help you keep track of your 2019 fitness goals and celebrate small achievements.

Our girl Katie Dunlop, creator of Love Sweat Fitness and eclectically adorable person, has just released a planner that is so cute that she & # 39; I want to use it all the time. Not only do your pages have the days of the week, you guessed it, but there are many places where you can write down your goals, keep track of your diet, and record your workouts. For extra sweetness, some of the pages are called love notes that you can tear down and hand out to your friends ( awww ).

($ 35; lovesweatfitness.com)

No surprises here As the title implies, this planner allows you to record daily your diet, exercise, and sleep. Paper Source is really great when it comes to aesthetically pleasing designs that will not fill you up after a month. Each page is arranged so that every left-addled heart can sing the spreadsheet. I should note that the food and exercise sessions are quite high in calories. If squashing numbers is not part of your daily routine, this may not be right for you.

($ 1

5; papersource.com) [19659006] When you eat, sleep, and breathe, this blue sky planner was made for you. Good luck finding room for the rest of your life (Ha! As if there is such a thing!) On these pages – they are there to track your workouts, meals and even your water intake. And if you need help to keep track of your goals, every month there is a check-in page where you can recapitulate and motivate yourself like the hard cookie you are.

($ 35; bluesky.com)

Vision Board? If so, this Simple Elephant designer will be your Jam. Not only does it give you the typical calendar space to organize your life, there are also many sites where you can visualize your goals by mapping them and adding pictures. Get hold of an old magazine, a pair of scissors and a glue stick, and manifest yourself that way.

($ 20; amazon.com)

All right: This Planner is not meant for fitness fanatics, but I could not resist adding it here just for the stickers. Ban.do people know how to make a solid planner – large agenda-making rooms, small pockets for notes and receipts, separate monthly tabs for easy access, and a snappy elastic closure. Did I mention that there are really great stickers?

($ 32; bando.com)

This is almost more of a thank you journal than a real planner and serves better than others for goal setting and fitness tracking. On each page, you are asked to state your intentions for the day, so that you can return that night and think about how it all went down. There are a lot of encouraging quotes and tips from Fitlosophy scattered all over the place, so it's like having a little cheerleader in your pocket at all times.

($ 19; amazon.com)

Some people simply can not be forced to paint inside the lines. With a bullet journal (like Bujo's) you can create your own parameters and customize your world to suit your needs. I have tremendous respect for anyone who has the patience to stick to it for 365 days because it requires a lot of TLC. However, if you're the one who thinks color books are cathartic, you'll probably love bullet journaling.

($ 6; amazon.com)

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Jamey Powell is also Greatist's fitness editor as a NASM-certified personal trainer, bike instructor, yoga teacher and triathlete. Wh DE She does not sweat, she usually eats or tries to stroke someone else's dog. You can follow her antics on Instagram.

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