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These 5 fitness star tips keep your workouts boring

Steal these little tricks from the pros to shake up your workout routines.

We all have this little thing that brings us through a workout. Maybe it's a personal fitness goal, a pair of leggings that make you feel unstoppable, or a dynamite playlist. But if you're looking for a new source of inspiration, these five fitness stars have a simple, yet brilliant, advice.

The common theme? Keep things interesting. No one likes a predictable workout, and mixing one or two things each time will keep you motivated and alert. Here are the smart tips that you will find in the video above.

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Vary the kind of exercise

Do not put all your eggs in one basket. While it's great to have a routine, Jeanette Jenkins suggests always adding a new element to your exercise program. If you do yoga one day, try the next kickboxing. It will be fun and train different parts of your body for an all-encompassing workout.

Just dance

Who says that movement has to be everything, work and no play? Lacey Stone recommends adding some dance moves to a routine (especially if your favorite tune sounds). Dancing can cheer you up ̵

1; and remind you to have fun with it!

Burning Sage

Taking a moment for yourself and getting into the right attitude can make all the difference. This could mean that you are raising your equipment in a certain way, concentrating for a few minutes through meditation, or making the room with sage soothing and relaxing, like Nicole Winhoffer or some other incense.

Listen to a New Playlist

Cueing the same playlist every day can get really boring, really fast. Maybe you have your playlist up and running, but try to do a few more, says Anna Kaiser. If you do not want to create a completely new list, make shuffle every day for a new order.

Shake it

Hilaria Baldwin likes to spend a few minutes dancing at the beginning of a yoga class. The release will not only warm you, but get you excited!

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