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There is nothing "too fat for yoga".

And don't let your people in your life kill your mood. Sometimes the closest people can increase our fatphobia. Or maybe they are ok but not necessarily part of your trip to lose your luggage. Why not work on your relationship with yourself instead?

One of my favorite ways to strengthen my love and respect for myself is to engage in solo self-love dates. If you can now safely walk or hike, spend some time outside. Turn your bedroom into a spa and treat yourself to a mani / pedi or pretend to be a tourist in your own city and take walks to places you might not otherwise visit. Show yourself the love you long for from others and you will feel better over time.

I personally think your first solo self-love date should be on a yoga class ̵

1; and there is a lot to do online.

Start from where you are – and what you have -.

If you don't have a yoga mat, don't worry about it. You don't have to buy special clothes – just find something to move around comfortably, and when you're at home, don't be afraid to practice naked.

Online courses, whether live or recorded, are a great way to anchor your home practice. If it is too difficult for you to follow the rest of the class, do not sweat. Trust me, it will happen to all of us sooner or later. Just watch the teacher and focus on breathing and meditating. Sometimes we have to be careful before our bodies find their way into posture.

You can change any yoga posture at any time, even if your teacher hasn't said anything about changes and you're not even sure if what you're doing is technically "yoga." Trust me, it's yoga. Everything is yoga. If you start taking an online course and get bored halfway, you can ignore the teacher and instead build your own flow.

Use props – even if the teacher didn't mention that you need them.

Yoga props (I'm talking about my favorites here. In postures like a triangular pose and high lunge, I like to put blocks under my hands and I love to throw a blanket under my knees, in postures like cat pose and A cow strap can change the game when it comes to sitting forward bends, and a yoga pad can make a simple child's pose so much more accessible for those of us with more padding to push.

I think mine Props in standby all the time, even in classes where the instructor didn't say anything about using them. My typical arsenal includes two yoga blocks, a yoga harness, and a yoga blanket. I take a yoga pad or use a pillow instead. There is definitely a stigma that using yoga props weakens you, but this logic is so patriarchal and very simple .

Oh, and one more thing: you can leave a class whenever you want.

Personal I think live yoga classes sometimes feel like psychological minefields. Never forget that you are always free. If you are in a yoga environment that feels fat and oppressive, you have my permission to jump at any time and for any reason. And that is now even easier in a time of virtual and online yoga classes.

I like to remember that anyone who gives me the feeling that I don't deserve to practice yoga really only reflects their own inner self bullshit. Don't be ashamed of being prone to self-loathing. it happens to all of us. But try to remember that you only practice yoga for yourself and that you can ignore any other person in the building as long as you can dive head first into your yoga practice.

Strong posture yoga, like the guy I teach in The Underbelly, is hard, but not because you're fat. It is difficult for everyone. It should be hard – as far as I'm concerned, it throws the shit out of you so you can let go of your emotional luggage. If your physical body is distracted by complex yoga poses, you can reach an internal cold that is otherwise difficult to achieve. Be patient with yourself and treat yourself to the loving compassion that you would show your dearest friend. Remember that you are your dearest friend and you will never meet someone who can love you as much as you can.

As long as you emerge from your yoga practice and are ready to step out of it. If you find a smile in your comfort zone, you already have everything you need.

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