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Theragun Multi-Device Charger Deal 2020: YOURSELF Exclusive

If you are an avid athlete, you are likely familiar with the Theragun. The hugely popular, popular self-massager looks a bit like a power tool and has a strong following among athletes, as it can provide quick pain relief after a hard workout (although it will work for really anyone looking to relax muscle tension). There are now quite a few Theragun machines out there that make post-workout muscle regeneration efficient and easy, and work like a foam roller or massage ball, except they use percussive therapy – sore muscles from pounding aimed at reaching deeper muscles Groups.

Fortunately, if you’ve watched one of the Theragun massagers, it’s busy right now exclusively for SELF readers. These percussive devices are not cheap. To sweeten the deal, from now through October 9th, you can get the brand new wireless multi-device charger for free when you purchase a Theragun PRO, Prime or Elite device using the link we provided below.

Purchases usually come with their own charger, although this wireless charger is much slimmer (so it doesn̵

7;t stick out like a sore thumb when it’s on your table) and retails for $ 79. So with this offer you save quite a bit of change. It is designed to be combined with Theragun’s PRO and Elite devices as well as the Wave Roller and charges everything seamlessly without the need for clunky cables.

It’s very handy if you’ve already wanted to buy a Theragun this week, and if you’re still hesitant to spend money on a recovery device, remember: recovery is almost as important as exercise. Implementing stretch and rest days may feel “unproductive,” but rest assured that when your body receives much-needed R&R, you will come back stronger and more likely to hit new PRs.

Add any device to your cart by shopping this linkand the charger will be added automatically at checkout. Theragun limits this offer to one free charger per purchase.

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