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The worst injuries on July 4, which were treated by doctors and nurses

July 4th is a time for beer, barbecues and fireworks – but in a recent Reddit thread, medical professionals are telling stories that are a perfect reminder to be cautious on vacation. Here are some of the worst injuries that doctors, nurses and first responders have treated due to July 4th incident.

"I lost a nine-year-old eye a few years ago," a commentator recalls. "An older child shot a bottle rocket at him and the bottle rocket hit him in the right eye The globe exploded with the explosion I had to fill his eye socket with gauze to hold the rest of the globe together, but that was it Pretty obvious the eye was one total loss: The older child was charged with the incident. "

It may not be surprising that accidents involving fireworks are quite common. A first responder tells something he remembers when he was a kid: "A friend of the family was a spectator at an event in the city, fireworks were not fired and went into the crowd and hit him in the face before it It broke most of the bones in his face, he lost an eye and suffered brain damage. "

" I helped a while ago as an intern, "says another commentator. "A drunken guy holding a mortar barrel in his hand and firing it off, turned to face him and put his hand over the pipe to prevent it from coming out and in the end blew up much of his hand and into the air Hole burned in his stomach. " ,

It can not be stressed enough how important it is to deal with these things, and one comment reads, "I mean, if you look at it, it's a little bomb that's blown up."

Someone working in a incinerator says he's afraid of this special holiday. "Each year there are a number of fireworks, barbecues and kitchen fires that could have been avoided if the participants took only a few moments to realize what could go wrong with this idea. A recurring idea is someone lighting a small firework in hand. Hand open, little damage. Closed hand around the fireworks? Yes, somewhere between a few fingers and most of the hand that's gone now. "

On the less serious side of the scale A medical doctor has this warning story:" I had a patient who thought it would be fun to light his farts with a lighter when they were drunk. Her perineal area was scorched. Please drink responsibly and be careful with flammable objects. "

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