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The workout routine for bench press to build a comprehensive force

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No matter how long you can hold a yoga plank or how many packs you are on Before your midsection, the guys in the gym will judge you by how much you can train, always have, always will be. "Well," you say, "I'm not training for them." But you're not exactly happy about maximizing out at 1

85, right?

The point is, it's time to put a few plates in the bar, we have the program that will help you, and the simplicity can surprise you, you'll see it! Increases fast – eight Weeks have certainly increased your maximum by 35 pounds, which is more than some powerlifters can add in a year.

Here's how it works

We do not want you to get a heavy shoulder pain a few years later Bank with elbows a n the sides and arched back. This relieves your shoulders and gives your triceps a boost. This ensures safer and stronger bench presses. You will train harder than you are likely to. Three reps phrases for your main exercise of the day are ideal for gaining strength quickly (although you may need to be a little lighter if you have not previously trained in this area – see below). The program works on the entire body, which is crucial for maintaining balance and overall growth.


Perform each workout (1, 2, and 3) once a week for eight weeks. Relax for at least one day between each session. Each workout lasts about 35 minutes.

Perform each exercise as a straight set, performing all the prescribed sets for one exercise before proceeding to the next. If you have never trained with three repetitions per set of your main exercises (this is a weight that limits you to just three repetitions), work out with five repetitions per set for two weeks to get used to it. Try to increase the amount of effort you use on the first exercise of each workout on a weekly basis, except for the 4th week. Use light weights this week and repeat each exercise with 12 reps. Do not cause these sentences to fail. Repeat this cycle for the entire eight-week program.

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