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The workout and diet behind this man’s 50 pound weight loss

YouTuber Joel Wood recently shared the weight loss story he has made in the past few years, including the changes he has made to his lifestyle that have helped him lose more than 50 pounds and improve his personal fitness.

Joel struggled with an eating disorder after gaining weight as a teenager, and he remembers how his diet and general eating habits helped make him gain even more weight. It was in 2017 when his weight reached 15 stones (210 pounds) that he decided to make some changes to his lifestyle.

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“It wasn’t just a physical weight,” he says. “I also felt an emotional weight with it because I wasn’t happy with how I looked, I wasn’t happy with how I felt. I had some health problems, my mental state was really low.”

He started making some small changes to his diet and soon saw results; He lost 14 pounds in the first month. He also got more serious about his exercise, admitting that he always had a gym membership but had never done much physical activity. So he signed up with Orange Theory, which combines cardio and strength training on high-speed racetracks.

Elsewhere in the video, Joel breaks down his diet and explains how important it was for him to learn about macronutrients in order to find out that a high protein diet is most beneficial for him. “You need to get enough protein for your muscles to be repaired because when you exercise you make micro-tears in your muscles and they need protein to heal bigger and stronger,” he says. “But protein is also much more filling than carbohydrates or fats … Prioritizing protein really helps me with my hunger.”

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The best advice Joel can give to anyone starting their own weight loss journey is not to be intimidated or discouraged. “Just start small and build,” he says.

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