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The ultimate abdominal muscle finisher

We all want the abdomen to flatter, the abdominal muscles more defined, or the waist narrower to accentuate the V-shaped cone. So you would think that abdominal muscle training is popular, but in fact, many of us do not take the abdominal training very seriously.

If you want perfect abdominal muscles, you need to train them just as hard as any other major muscle group, and you can use this ab-finisher to do it. If you have ever trained hard, you know it will burn, but your efforts will be rewarded when you see the results. You may also find that your other lifts increase a bit because they have a stronger core to provide stability and support.

Beginners can do the first exercise alone and the last two exercises as a superset. Advanced athletes should complete all three as Triset. Take a break of 45-60 seconds before you leave. Perform all three exercises four times.



Lift the flat bench with the leg lying

4 sets, 25 repetitions


4 sets, 25 sec. (Hold per page)

Technique tips

Rope crunching

The weight on the rope should be light as it is the contraction acts at the end of the repetition, which makes this exercise more meaningful. It's tempting to let your arms do the work as you approach failure, but do not do it. Once you are in position, your arms should not move at all.

Begin and finish mid-body movement by squeezing your buttock muscles and holding your hips stationary to focus on your abdominals, not your hip flexors. Concentrate on pulling in the belly button and pulling the abdominal muscles together to bring the rest of your upper body forward. Exhale as you grind and keep your abs moving as you slowly go back up. Controlling your speed is an important part of targeting the right muscles.

Leg Raise While Lying

You do not have to go very far to perform this exercise – just use a nearby bench or even the floor. With leg raises, you may need to bend your knees slightly to get the full range of motion needed to aim for your abdominal muscles. Take care of your hip flexors and make sure they do not do most of the work.

  Raising the Lying Leg

Lift the head and shoulders lightly to activate the abdominal muscles and achieve a stronger abdominal contraction with less hip recruitment. When sitting on a bench, hold on to the sides to stabilize your body. Lift the legs at a 90 degree angle, lift the hips at the end to increase the accent, then lower them slowly. Try to keep your feet from touching the floor at the end of the repetition, keeping the tension on the abdominal muscles, as they do not have the ability to completely relax.

Side boards

Side boards are becoming increasingly popular because they target the part of your core that helps stabilize and define your waist. This exercise does not require much exercise and targets multiple muscle groups at the same time, making it the perfect completion to a hard workout. Just because you are not moving does not mean that boards are easy. Holding the entire body in an isometric contraction is a challenge, forcing every muscle in your core to work. This will keep your abdominal muscles strong and tight and your waistline more defined.

Unlike side bends, side planks do not cause muscle growth and a growing waistline. Use a mirror to keep your body in the correct position. In this way, your abs will become taut and you will get the most out of this simple yet effective exercise. Hold each page down for 25 seconds, and you're done with a turn.

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