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The strongest man in the world Martins Licis trains with Army Green Berets

Martins Licis is currently the strongest man in the world and has a good reputation. But while no one questions their qualifications when it comes to raw strength, how well does their functional fitness keep under the microscope? The strong man recently turned his back on a visit to Ft. Campbell, where he was prepared for a readiness drill by the U.S. Army Green Berets.

Organized by the Army Fitness Team at Fort Knox, the exercise begins with an extremely strenuous obstacle course that leaves the 330-pound Licis breathless. He then goes to the shooting range for weapons training, where he familiarizes himself with the firearms used in active duty and can practice shooting for a few rounds.

The challenge ends in a more familiar area for Licis. He and the Green Berets compete in a deadlift competition in which they each had to quickly complete a series of increasingly difficult exercises that culminated in a 500-pound barbell. Of course, Licis regularly pulls more than that, and so he smashes this final round of the exercise before thanking the team for visiting and paying his respects to the troops currently serving overseas.

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While Licis̵

7; performance in the readiness exercise proved that he is no fool, he will not be competing in the next strongest men in the world competition. He announced in September that he would refuse to defend his title to focus on recovering from an injury in a car accident.

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