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The RED January is a great way to reach New Year's care to get fit

If you want to start a fitness kick in January, chances are you're doing so for purely physical reasons. For example, you want to lose weight, become fitter or become more massive. You may not have considered the impact of an exercise program on your mental health, but you should do so because regular exercise may be as beneficial to your mental state as it is to your physical condition.

RED January is an event that supports the Mental Health Charity Mind and urges participants to commit to being active every day in January . This can mean running or swimming every day, riding a bicycle, going to work or whatever you like to make your heart beat faster, all with the goal of increasing your mental health. According to the RED last January, 87% of REDers stated that they felt physically and mentally better afterwards. It's free to register and you can choose to collect money for Mind or not.

It's the perfect way to get active if you have a fitness-oriented New Year resolution on your list. For one, we expect a month-long challenge to start the year and motivate you to overcome the motivation that brings so many fitness kicks to January in a few weeks.

Additional motivation will come from thousands of people other people who engage in RED with January, and you can find on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram communities to help with a dose of motivation if you do not have the will to practice can.

The fact that the exercise is possible Anything you want is also a great way to make the challenge achievable. If you do not have a favorite sport yet, you can use the month to try a whole range of different things. It will be great fun and you will almost certainly find something that you really like.

You also do not have to buy leather every day, which often causes people to be deterred from starting walking by one step. Push too hard too soon, and your body is likely to suffer from delayed sore muscles, the biggest killer of movement motivation we know. With RED January, you know you have 31

days of activity to get through. Therefore, it is advisable to try it early.

This kind of challenge also means that you do not have to focus on physical changes, which means you will not do it. Push yourself back if you do not see the difference you were hoping for. They try to feel good during training (although we bet you would get a pleasant surprise when you get on the scales after a few weeks), and there is no better destination for this January or any other time [19659002] Register for RED January Free

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