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The Red Bull TimeLaps virtual challenge is a great opportunity to ride a bike with friends

Photographs: Alex Broadway (male driver), Leo Francis (female driver); Red Bull content pool

In a normal year, Red Bull TimeLaps is a stellar cycling race where teams of drivers compete against each other to see how far they can go in a 25 hour period. Part of the success of TimeLaps is that everyone is in the same place, cycling through the night and creating a great atmosphere. But even more important is the fun of taking on the challenge in a team of four friends.

The event has become virtual for 2020, which means that there is no special event atmosphere, but on the other hand, more drivers can experience this camaraderie than ever before.

The TimeLaps virtual event will take place over 25 hours on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th October. The aim is to collect as many miles as possible in the saddle with just one cyclist at a time. You can do this outside or inside. So if you have a top notch indoor setup, maybe pick the fastest route on Zwift and jump up and down as every rider gets tired ̵

1; once you get tired of course, wiping the handlebars with antibacterial wipes.

Make sure to keep the best driver fresh for the important 2am to 3am time period as this is a power hour where the distance covered is twice as much to mark the extra hour available to you stands when the clocks go back.

You can register for free with Timeva at Strava 28 days before the event. You will also need to register on the Red Bull website where you will need to upload proof of your drives to the live leaderboard during the event.

There will be prizes for the best teams and individuals, and of course those prizes include a lot of Red Bull. The teams that finish first, second and third will each receive special jerseys, medals and 24 cans of Red Bull, and the winners will of course also receive a trophy. And we hope that the single rider who covers the most distance in the event will love Red Bull because they get a refrigerator with a year’s supply. Don’t drink everything at once.

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