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The quickest trick to organize your life

There are a million tips, tricks, and lifestyle fixes that claim you would definitely organize your life. All of them live or die of being able to seamlessly and naturally integrate them into their lives, and most of them are stacking the deck against you. Many people find it difficult to stay organized because many organizational advices require more effort than chaos. But there is a way that lasts less .

The first step is to be clear about what you are doing, making your home messy. Do you have a particular chair to deposit your dirty things on? Do candy wrappers and napkins collect on your desk? Will this kitchen tool never manage to keep it?

Note these patterns and quirks, and make a note of them. This is your natural way through your home, and all these other organizing and rebuilding tips challenge you to fight. But you will not fight it ̵

1; you will use it. You will not change what you already do. Take what you already do and let it work .

On this chair you always throw your clothes back and forth when you're done with it? You throw your clothes there for a reason, maybe because they're where you usually undress. And that reason does not go away because you've decided to be tidier. If you try to force yourself into a completely new routine to statistically save this chair, it will not last. So we're not going to build a whole new routine to cope with the laundry pile. Instead put your laundry basket there and put the chair somewhere else.

If you place your laundry basket in this location, none of the reasons or patterns that you have already created will have to change, but you still have a pile of dirty clothes from that chair. It may seem like a strange place for your shopping basket, but that does not matter, because it's your place. You do not have to develop a new habit to use it because you already use it. This means that you do not start wrong when you try to bring things to the old place and switch to the new one, no return to the old place over time, and no event that involves the worst of both worlds in which some of your dirty clothes are located one place and some in the other. You've taken what you've already done and made it work.

You can apply this approach to everything else in your life. Perhaps you have a spice cupboard in which spices seemingly never find their way back after use. There is a good chance that this cabinet will be too uncomfortable to fit into your life, and setting up another system that matches your natural spices will work better.

Can you apparently never find this one important paper – like yours? Passport – when do you need it? Instead of asking yourself if your passport is in the Travel, Government, or your old driver's license, create a separate folder of important documents in the front of your filing cabinet. You can just drop it there instead of putting it down where you have trouble finding it. If your desk is covered in paper waste, place a trash bin next to your desk so you do not have to get up to use it in the next room, as you have not done so anyway.

If this helps you, you can pull even more miles out by using it backwards. If you routinely forget tasks that are outside of a well-defined routine, such as: For example, bringing certain documents to work that you do not always need blocks your natural path with these tasks.

Place this object you can not forget it under your glasses or prop it against your front door so you will not notice it on the way out. Place your laundry basket from its usual place to the front door so you can see it and do not forget to do the laundry. Her natural path is always there and trying to force him to another place is never easy. If you interrupt it, you will be shut down by the autopilot and have the opportunity to do something different. Approaches not: Trust in yourself. It trusts that you already do what works for you, and fits in with your habits and your psychology. It tells you that everything that is missing fits into your actual life.

They are not the problem – the world around them is it. You can do it better by storing something as small as the trash can by placing used toilet paper tubes next to the dispenser. We often hear that it takes more effort to be messy than to be organized, and when we think about organization in this way, we can finally do it.

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