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The perfect addition to "quarantine" carbohydrates

Between uncertainty, self-isolation and the fact that you have bitten "Tiger King" and there is no second season, the pound should provide comfort these days.

And judging from all of the bread baking action on Instagram, carbohydrates are the current national go-to, but take it from us; On sunny spring days, the world will turn into jam.

When temperatures get warmer and artisan jam makers across the country prepare new batches of aromatic jams, it's hard to imagine a product that will be soothing and fateful. appropriate as a jam. In fact, jam and jams have an honorable place in the 201

7 book Comfort Food: Meaning and Memories as they keep popping up in our childhood memories.

Jennifer Fisher, along with her partner Danny, cooks the funky-looking alchemist & # 39; s Jam in Mcminnville, OR, and has always known that jam has the power to unite and encourage.

"We say that all the time, but we really believe that when we make jam we use the power of the sun from summer fruits so that people can enjoy this warmth all year round," she says.

This spring the fishermen took back the complexity for which their jams are known and concentrated on simple single-source jams that have become classics. "Ask us what we're looking forward to, and it's a simple strawberry jam made from the tastiest and juiciest strawberries we can find."

In San Francisco, Gillian Reynolds, the woman behind Jamnation, believes The fact that jam, thanks to the healing potential, exists about its ability to teleport us: "While we are all gone, jam captures the fullness and freshness of nature in a jar," she says.

“I actually started Jamnation to restore my own fruit memory in Brazil. Each of our flavors is based on one of my family memories and travels to 31 countries. “

V Smiley, a New Haven, VT, manufacturer of small batch jam also relies on the temporal capabilities of the jam. "You travel with the times when you eat great jams," she admits. "If I want to arrive in Vermont on a warm July evening, I open a glass of Black Raspberry Sour Cherry Plum Conserve or Strawberry Blackcurrant Rosemary Jam."

Vermont or anywhere else in our living room sounds really good right now.

In April, Smiley says, it's all about spicy rhubarb found in her seasonal rhubarb-cherry evergreen top-quality canned food. Jam is also practical, as Dafna Kory, the owner of INNA jams and shrubs from Emeryville, CA, wants to remind us.

“Jam is a traditional way to preserve perishable fruit – to ensure that it is available after it is short-circuited. The harvest time is over. So if you try to replenish your pantry, jam is a reliable way to have fruity stuff nearby. "And pantries, if you've followed social media, are the new walk-in closets. A nationwide obsession.

Jam is not only positive confirmation of contemporary ideas such as preservation, pantry construction, warmth, and travel memories, but also a key role, when it comes to even sweeter childhood nostalgia. As reports show, nostalgia is just the balm for unpleasant, chaotic times.

“Our Flavor King Pluots – a mixture of a Santa Rosa plum and an apricot – remind me of this to sip honeysuckle flowers as a child, "says Reynolds. Zenobia Taylor-Weiss cooks creative jams in Cellar Door Preserves in Grand Rapids, MI.

Jam is so soothing for her because" it reminds people of their mothers and grandmothers – the people who take care of you when you are sick. ”

Fisher highlights the many faces that jam for Rasurr ance for both eater evokes and doers. "It's a bit obvious to say that jam is nostalgic, that we crave it because we all loved peanut butter and jam sandwiches when we were kids," she says.

“But at a deeper level, we all want to know that we currently have reliable food sources. We pick the fruit and make jam from it and sell it to our community at farmers' markets. In this full circle it says we have it.

Surely everyone wants to feel that he has it these days. And for Smiley, jam sales were booming. She reports that more customers are working on expanding their pantry staples and buying larger batches – who knows how long it will take?

"Yes, I saw a small increase in sales," says Taylor-Weiss. "I marketed care packages that I am currently shipping to people. So many sales have been made for those who have jam and other cozy things like candles."

Those who make a living from it have plenty of ideas.

“I like to eat jam with good cheese. I'm an absolute fool for aged Gouda, ”says Reynolds.

Taylor-Weiss also loves cheese, but also mixes jam in her cocktails, oatmeal and yoghurt.

Smiley, who has stopped eating gluten, offers the following: topping composite vegetable salads. “A layer of jam goes on the bottom of the plate and on top of roasted vegetables, roasted farro, sliced ​​radishes, roasted nuts and seeds, and the whole thing is sprayed with lemon juice, spoons of olive oil and a hint of fresh herbs. "

But in the event that you get stuck with additional batches of delicious bread, Fisher handled the following:" I have to say that our most popular way of eating jam is homemade, hot sourdough bread that is fresh from the oven ", she says. "To be honest, there is nothing better than jam on hot bread. It is the best in the world!"


Berries and sugar can be combined in a ratio of 1: 1.

  • Berries or fruit
  • Sugar
  • Lemon juice (1 tablespoon per cup of sugar)


  1. Combine fruit and sugar.
  2. Let it sit until juices come out, about 20 minutes.
  3. Mix over the heat place and simmer until the liquid has evaporated until the jam has a thick consistency.
  4. Test by coating the back of a spoon without drops.
  5. Remove from the heat, stir in the lemon juice and then pour into airtight glasses .
  6. Keep the freezer in the refrigerator for 1 to 2 weeks or 3 months in the refrigerator.

Flora Tsapovsky is a San Francisco-based writer who deals with culture, food, and St Her work has been published in Bon Appetit, The San Francisco Chronicle, Afar Magazine, and others. Read more about her writing here and follow her here on Instagram.

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