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The most annoying thing about being a man

That may be a male world, but there are still things that can be annoying. In a reddit thread that has become viral with more than 24,000 comments, men have shared things about the being of a man they find most frustrating, from body problems to societal expectations.

"I hate shaving my face so many times," said a guy to whom many men agreed. And yes, it's also true that women are force-fed the social convention of having hairless bodies and faces. "It's still difficult to shave the damn hair on Adam's apple without cutting your throat."

And while the ability to pee while standing is a unique male privilege, it brings with it its own challenges. "Pee, then shake, even dabbing the tip with a square handkerchief … but still a little piss dripping into my drawers" was called by one as a curse of his life.

Another penile problem that had to be solved was the question of how you can comfortably adapt to the public. "God, it's terrible doing this in a public place where you can not go private, like the bus … especially damned jeans," one said.

And then of course there are unwanted erections. For some unlucky people, their penis just never does what they want. "There used to be random boners at inappropriate times," a commentator said. "Now it is unable to get a boner at appropriate times."

And even if you have no erection, it could still look like this commentator said: I'm not sure if it's just a guy thing, but those strange pant legs. When you sit down and the zipper area pops up and looks like a stand, it stays that way no matter how much you adjust your pants. "

However, it's not just cheeky woodpeckers and stubble that confuse and annoy men.Many of us are dealing with the pressures of traditional gender roles, especially as we approach an environment where what is expected of men One man admitted that he hates "always taking the first step towards the woman" Another said that "never being addressed by women" affects his self-confidence and not just single men Mann said that he would love it if his wife complimented him more on his looks, but not the other way round.

While many comments on the subject were slippery, it became clear that while men were enormously different from the traditional ones Gender roles and the double morality they contain benefit, but ultimately we are the same all back.

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