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The keys of an endurance and mindset trainer to top performance

Sam Tooley endurance trainer fitness influencer

Sam Tooley

The fitness industry was particularly hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Gyms and studios spent most of the year shuttered, and while many are finally reopening, progress has been slow and significant restrictions persist. Endurance coach Sam Tooley not only trains athletes from all over the world (he was at the virtual party early), but also owns two of these gyms – Alpha Fit Club and Alpha Performance Studio, both in his hometown of Westfield, New Jersey – that are closed they didn’t leave him any less busy.

In fact, Tooley is busier than ever these days, he just had to do things a little differently. And thanks to his other coaching specialty, mindset, he’s uniquely suited to adapt to unprecedented times.

“My routine was so dependent on getting up at 3:30 a.m., 3:45 a.m. and going to the gym,” he says. “[The pandemic] has allowed me to focus on things that I may have been neglecting before and to focus on areas of business that I haven’t had time to improve on. “

Tooley not only maintains its own training together with its stationary business, but also continues to train athletes virtually with its speed and strength endurance training Project Alpha. So it’s safe to say that the man knows how important it is to have a routine and stick to it. Here are some of Tooley’s most popular tips on how to keep your routine intact regardless of the chaos on the outside.

Rely on the community for accountability

The pandemic has pretty much ruined everyday life, so Tooley used his love of fitness to connect with the community and keep everyone healthy and healthy. Tooley attributes much of the growth and success of his two gyms to their roots in his hometown. The motivation of this community in uncertain times became a way for him to move this forward.

“Whether that was originally IGTV training and Zoom to train as much outdoors as possible now, I’m just trying to keep track of them for them,” says Tooley.

Pushing this energy and love of fitness outward gave Tooley an extra sense of purpose during a difficult time. When engaging with your community, all kinds of motivation can follow.

“Just checking in with friends and making sure they get out and get moving – that was crucial,” says Tooley. “I definitely relied on friends, other coaches and the like to hold myself accountable.”

Write it out

You’d be surprised what it can do to your motivation to keep a logged account of your day.

“I got sober four years ago,” says Tooley, “and part of that process was journaling. Putting my thoughts on paper has always been a great challenge. “

Journaling helps keep your mind sharp and focused. Clear your own feelings, doubts, and struggles. and record your progress.

“When you write something down it’s almost like saying it out loud,” says Tooley, “and it allows you to see the truth of the matter better than if you just let it spin around in your head.”

Give your diet a boost

Beef sea salt + pepper bars

Meal consistency is key when trying to get in shape, and Tooley eats almost the same meals every day: black coffee and a post-workout shake for breakfast, rice and veggies with a serving of chicken or some other protein for breakfast Lunch and dinner.

This may seem a bit boring or, for some, a lack of protein, but Tooley complements his diet with EPIC’s brand new beef bars. Made from 100 percent grass-fed beef and spices, the keto-friendly bars are a good source of protein that is satisfying but not too filling to slow Tooley’s next workout down.

“I think at first glance that a 10 or 11 gram protein snack is going to be heavy, but they’re very light,” says Tooley. “It’s a nice snack at noon or between meals to make sure I don’t get hungry, especially since I’ve been up since 4 in the morning.

Set your intentions

It’s easy to just stand up, get into your routine, and go through the movements. Tooley suggests otherwise.

“I still get up at 4 a.m. every day,” he says. “One thing I do is start slowly to go fast. I am getting really clear about my intentions for the day. How do I want to work? How do I want to wear myself? How do I want to treat other people? “

“I’ve worked through a few questions and that sets the tone for the day because as soon as I get started, I’ll be there. I move from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. or 9:00 p.m. every day. “

It can be tempting to check and go over the moves, but Tooley finds that it’s the extra morning intent that gets him the extra mile.

“Take the time in the morning to wonder what you want to add to a day and what kind of energy you want to bring to it,” says Tooley. “That’s what sets you apart.”

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