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The kettlebell swing circuit to get your metabolism into overdrive

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Anyone who has ever handled a kettlebell under the supervision of a good coach knows that these primitive-looking weights are invaluable training tools for building explosiveness, burning fat and improving fatigue Rear chain can be strength and stability. But there is more than one way to swing a bell. CrossFitters like to rock the American version, which differs from the popular Russian version in that the bell moves closer to the bodywork and to a fully extended overhead finish. You do it with your hips, but it can be more demanding for your shoulders than for the Russian swing. Constant exercise is the only way to negate this increase in difficulty. Master it and you can count on limping with smoked glutes, shoulders and forearms. This makes it easier to keep the weight in front of you and keep it under control.

The Move:

Hinges on the hips, with knees bent and flat back. Press your buttocks when your hips are stretched out and extend your arms up while pushing your head forward. Keep the kettlebell near your body. It should be halfway between an upright row and the full extent of a Russian swing, with all the power coming from the hips.



The Workout:

Building the American swing in MetCons is the best way to take advantage of it. Try one of them:

Exercise / Repeats

4 rounds on time

  • Running / 200 meters
  • American KB swing / 15
  • Toes for bar / 15

5 rounds for time

  • Double under / 200 meters
  • American KB swing / 15
  • Power Clean / 5X135 pounds

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