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The chassis trainer training to build up a crowd

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The first glance at a suspension coach ̵

1; a long nylon strap that anchors at both ends the ceiling with a Carabiner in the middle – you probably will not distract from the iron forged familiarity of a heavy barbell or dumbbell that suits you as gymnasts and Peter Parker wannabes, as for serious bodybuilders.

We're here to get you right A suspension training would kick Spider-Man in the ass after we did the following workout to stimulate the muscles in a whole new way, including movements for the legs, back, chest and abdominal muscles Take a second look as this training device can make your training harder and more effective.

What It Is

The original suspension exercise Appa rat was developed by a Navy SEA in 1997. Randy Hetrick, commander of the L-Staffel, was looking for a way to keep fit in the field. Later, he launched his invention on the market and called it TRX (short for "full-body resistance exercise"). "It reflexively activates the nucleus in all levels of motion, connecting the trunk and limbs as a coordinated system – this is how it works in real life," says Frankel. By changing your body position, you can make the exercises easier or harder, so that beginners and advanced do not have enough options.

What It Does

A suspension trainer can hit any muscle in the body and leave you as haunted as a typical bodybuilding workout – yes, even a leg day. But perhaps it has the distinct advantage that your midsection, no matter what part of the body you focus on, attracts much attention. (And let's be honest, most of us might need more work.)

Numerous studies have demonstrated this core advantage, including an EMG (electromyography) study published in November 2014 in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, which showed increased rectus abdominis, external oblique and erector spinae activation when a plank was performed with a TRX compared to the ground. Another study, published in the same journal in 2014, measures increased abdominal muscle activity during a suspended push-up compared to movement on a stable surface.


Advantages of the Suspension Exercise

  • Provides a wide range of exercises.
    Squats, Rows, Presses, Curls, Extensions, Raises, so-called "Cossack" – a suspension training system is extremely versatile. Chances are, if you can do it with a free weight, you can find a challenging variation with the hanger.
  • Includes the entire body.
    A suspension device "integrates the whole functionally rear chain," says Frankel. This means that in most exercises he encounters the rear dike edges, traps, outer bevels, spinal erectors, glutes, hamstrings and calves.
  • Can be used almost anywhere.
    You can attach it to a door, bar, pole, or hook. Pull-up bar, the top of a squat rack. With your own suspension system, which you can get for a simple set-up for less than $ 100 and an advanced system for $ 249, you can make sure you never miss a workout, whether at home or on the road.

Cons of Suspension Exercise [19659011] There is a learning curve.
Even if you have aired for years, your first suspension movements will feel uncomfortable for the first time. This is because you are taking in a number of stabilizing muscles that are not getting much attention in traditional strength training. Know that it can be frustrating to test the basic movements and get used to you.
  • You may need help from experts.
    "As with any exercise device, there are some easy-to-start devices. with movements like rows and presses, "says Frankel. "Maintaining good posture and alignment ensures a safe and effective experience." However, if you want to get serious, he suggests looking for a trainer who is specially certified for suspension training techniques. (Try your own gym.)
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    How to Use

    "A beginner or an unconditioned person can achieve great training with body weight," explains Frankel. "But eventually you will need extra external resistance to continue gaining strength and size." This may mean that you combine movement exercises with suspension exercises during a killer session.

    Pecs, for example, who perform a suspended thorax together with dumbbell or barbell chest pressures, will encourage extreme fiber recruitment due to the freedom of movement and the integration of the core, shoulders and back, which must actively stabilize at the straps. " says Frankel says.

    Many types of suspension movements can be added to your workouts, whether as a warm-up exercise, as a finisher, or anywhere in your flesh. "It's going to be a real 'oh damn' moment for anyone who thinks these straps can not build muscle," adds Frankel. "Adding some instability and focused high voltage activation to the whole body is no joke."

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