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The best yoga clothes for men

Here's the thing with great yoga clothes – it's not just for yoga. The most comfortable, casual men's apparel that works best for yoga is great too when you work out in the gym, relax at home, or travel-in fact, when you choose the smarter gear you'll find everywhere ,

First and foremost, however, it's important to make sure that your yoga equipment is fit for purpose because you can move freely on the yoga mat. Here are our five favorite brands of men's yoga equipment and some of our top picks in their assortment.


Dri-FIT Yoga Training Tank

The extra-long back hem of this vest provides protection when you buckle on the mat, and the side openings ensure that you are not hindered during your routine. Dri-FIT is the same material Nike uses for running and training clothing, and keeps you dry and cool even when you start sweating.

Buy at Nike | £ 19.95

Dri-FIT yoga tracksuit pants

There are both pants and tights in Nike & # 39 ; s yoga area. Thanks to the spacious gusset, we have appreciated for the greater freedom of movement than expected. At the other end of the trousers, the tapering legs ensure that no disturbing material impact occurs during your session.

Buy at Nike | £ 54.95


Om Tea


While it is a compression fit The S-shirt has been turned upside down and is still comfortable thanks to the stretchy, moisture-wicking fabric it is made of. Even during a very sweaty hot yoga session, we found it to be in place and not distracting. It dries quickly and is not so tight that you feel like you're putting on a show, even if you wear it outside of the yoga studio.

Buy at Ohmme | £ 38

Two-Dog Underpants

The interior checks all the boxes that you expect from yoga shorts , Cozy? Check. Stretchable? Check. Perspiration? Check. Going command optional? Uh, check. Yes, these shorts are lined so you do not have to wear underwear with them. With that in mind, you'll be pleased to know that the compression pants are made from an antibacterial fabric.

Buy at OHMME | £ 45 [194559007] Dharma Graphite Pants

The soft feel of the fabric makes dressing pleasant. The strong seams should also mean that these pants keep up with you as you advance your practice.

Buy at OHMME | £ 55


Bamboo Yoga Hoody

This is a perfect example of a " A yoga top that you will always wear in. The bamboo fabric is lushly soft and light enough to do light exercises without getting too hot, but the hoody is best for use before and after exercise The sleeves have thumb loops and a flap that allows you to pull over your hands like a mitten when your fingers become cool.

Buy at BAM | £ 49 (currently reduced to £ 39.42) [19659007] New York Bamboo Joggers

These are not specifically designed for yoga But if you make the perfect pants for the practice they would hardly be different from the New York joggers, the fit is looser around the thigh and tapers from the knee to the ankle, and the comfort of the bamboo fabric is unique.

Buy at BAM | 55 lbs


Dyad Short 2.0

The perfect number of layers for yoga- Shorts is two, such as Mandukas Dyad Shorts. The firm, quick-drying inner layer provides support, while the outer layer protects your modesty and includes some handy pockets. The outer layer of the Dyad shorts is also cut close to the thigh, so they will stay in place even when you stretch your legs in the air.

Buy at Manduka | € 75 (approximately £ 67)

Cross Train Tea

The fabric used for this tee It feels smooth and cool to the touch, making it extremely enjoyable to wear for yoga, a dumbbell session or just on the go. The fit is relaxed, but the tee tapers slightly towards the waist so it does not hang loose or slip up during yoga.

Buy at Manduka | € 49 (approx. £ 44)

Now trousers

These lightweight, figure-hugging pants will not restrict your flow and although the legs are rejuvenated, they are still so far that you can push them up if you want.

Buy at Manduka | € 90 (1945)

Warrior Addict

Inversion armor


What keeps you from taking off a perfect handstand is the fear of your T-shirt or tank slipping down and revealing your upper body to the world. Then you get this clever top that stays upside down even if you're upside down. And even if you do not intend to try a handstand, you should still try this top because the hidden rubber band prevents the tank from rolling up in a reverse yoga posture. And it consists of a soft, elastic and sweat-wicking material, which is particularly suitable for energetic currents.

Buy at Warrior Addict | £ 60

Eco-Warrior Sweatpants

Selecting a color is more than just style with these sweatpants because The gray version is made of a heavier fabric, which is suitable for slow yoga sessions and lounging. The blue pants use a lighter fabric that you can look forward to during sweaty sessions. Both are made with remnants of Warrior Addicts' other clothing, a commendable idea that is part of the brand's zero-waste initiative.

Buy from Warrior Addict | £ 55

Anti-Gravity Shorts

This two-ply pair protects both modesty during inverted poses and feeling Feel down there – the stretchable lower layer is sweat-wicking and made of an antibacterial material to prevent unpleasant odors. The top layer is made of recycled plastic bottles, which is a nice touch.

Buy from Warrior Addict | £ 75


In Mind Shorts

To really focus on the yoga class You need shorts that are loose and elastic enough to not restrict your movements, but also not to boot up when you are in the reverse position. Lululemons In Mind Shorts are made from stretchy, quick-drying material and have a hem to protect your modesty.

Buy at Lululemon | £ 65

Discipline Pants

If you prefer to wear pants while doing yoga, you can get some incredibly adaptable wear parts of the equipment that are good both in the studio and outside. These pants are comfortable and sweat-wicking, but also have zip pockets (including two at the back) and are discreetly designed so you can wear them in and out of the studio.

Buy at Lululemon | £ 88

Metal Vent Tech Tank

This sweat-wicking, odor-resistant tank has a loose but not loose Flappy tube Fit is ideal for yoga and also suitable for all other types of training.

Buy at Lululemon | 48 pounds

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