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The best way of training for casual athletes is …

While the hottest gymnasts have a workout plan that focuses on different parts of the body, for many of us who have purchased a gym membership this is not really appropriate to get a little bit fitter and healthier. If you want to exercise your body rather than drastically change it, this workout by Kasumi Miyake of PureGym is ideal – it combines cardio with a kettlebells cycle to improve your fitness and build strength throughout your body.

"If you have little time and can do cardio and strength training in one session at a time, this can be an efficient way to exercise," says Miyake.

"If you focus on your cardiovascular fitness, I recommend training your cardio first. Most importantly, if you want to build muscle or improve your strength, you should do strength training before cardio training. "

Keep in mind that it is important not to be too heavy with the weights, especially if you are doing cardio first. If you want to work out big, it's worth having a special session instead of a combined workout.

"You should avoid training hard right after cardio training, such as doing maximum repetitions, or when you're tired," Miyake says, "which could affect your performance and increase the risk of injury." [1

9659006] Section 1: Cardio

In this section, you will complete all intervals on a treadmill, exercise bike or rowing machine on your device of your choice and choose one of the following according to your level of fitness: Work as hard as you can while working possible, then either rest completely or run, pedal or even lightly row as you recover.


Round 10 Time 20 seconds break 90 seconds


rounds 10 break 30 seconds 60sec


Rounds 10 Time 30sec R est 30sec

Section 2: Kettlebell Workout

Complete 5-10 rounds of the following course.

Kettlebell Swing

Time 20sec Rest 10sec

Hold a kettlebell in both hands, with palms facing you and shoulder width apart feet. Hang your hips and take the kettlebell back through your legs. Then drive your hips forward to swing the kettlebell at shoulder level. Control the pan down and repeat the procedure.

Crouch Mug

Time 20 sec. Pause 10 sec.

Hold a kettlebell with the handle down with both hands in front of your chest. Crouch down until your thighs are parallel to the ground and then sit up again.

Farmer's Walk

Time 20sec Rest 10sec

Hold a kettlebell in each hand Walk forward, keeping your back straight and shoulders taut.

Kettlebell Halo

Time 20 sec. Break 10 sec.

Hold a kettlebell in both hands against your chest. Move the kettlebell around your head and hold it near you.


Time 20 sec. Break 10 sec.

Stand with shoulder-width foot and a kettlebell in hand. Stretch the arm with the weight directly above you, then bend to the opposite side and touch your foot with your hanging arm, keeping your back straight. Swap the pages of each round.

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