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The best travel coffee cups to keep your drinks warm

"But first coffee." The expression is widespread nowadays, from ceramic cups to tables outside cafés. But what if you do not have time to sit down and drink your morning joe before jumping into your day?

Let's be real: most of us do not do that. And if you've ever poured hot coffee over the front seat – or, worse, your white sweater – you know how important a sturdy, leakproof travel mug can be. If you could have a little help getting up with your coffee and which could make your sweater intact, these travel coffee cups are Clutch. And that's not even the best: with these picks your coffee stays hot for a long time. (See also: Is Coffee Good for You? Science Says.)

Plus, you can feel good about buying anything on this list: put it away in your purse, desk, and sports bag that you have in your pocket neighboring cafes, knowing that they are both more stable and more environmentally friendly than typical to-go mugs. (Save the world, a cup of coffee at once!)

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