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The best training underwear for women

Whether you're lifting weights, training for a race, or doing backbends in hot yoga, there's nothing more distracting than a pair of underwear in a bundle in the middle of your workout. Equally Annoying and Actually Insecure : Wearing training underwear that are not breathable or quick-drying (that's you, cotton) after sweating. (Hello, yeast infection!)

"If you sit in a synthetic pant that will dry quickly, but your base layer is cotton, it will not dry – and you'll open up a lot more bacteria down there," says Stacey Hunter. Harrington, who has been in the textile industry for 25 years, launches her own brand of breathable antimicrobial underwear called Quo. She recommends sticking to pairs of nylon or spandex that drain moisture. "I do not claim that [that it̵

7;s] every vagina is saved from a fungal infection, but it does help," she notes. (Even if you're wondering, here's an interesting approach to exercising during the command.)

In this sense, here are 11 seamless pairs that you can add to your workout underwear drawer.
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