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The Best Training Apps | Trainer

If you do not really know what you're doing, it can be easy to waste time training and drifting aimlessly from machine to machine without really doing much.

You can solve this problem with a personal coach, extensive planning, or you can simply download one of the many excellent training apps that it gives for your smartphone.

They do all the planning for you and also contribute to motivation. Here are the best training apps.


The fitness app with Chris Hemsworth-Fitness is more of a life coach than a training app with a seven-day weekly meal planner and a mindfulness session. This is complemented by a program of six days a week, in which you have offered various functional bodyweight exercises, yoga, boxing and MMA training as well as weight-based exercises from each of the A-list trainers Hemsworth has worked with ,

Join Now | Seven Days Trial Available The First Look At Centr

Burn To Give

BURN A CALORIE, SAVE A CHILD. This is the slogan "Burn To Give," and if app taglines are available, we're not sure we'll make a better impression. Every calorie you burn through your exercise is converted into a calorie that a malnourished child receives. Meals are provided by companies sponsoring the Burn To Give app. This is a unique incentive to move or, if you are already an active type, give something for nothing. You also get something when you try to earn points that give you access to potential rewards for the sponsors. All the big names in fitness trackers and fitness tracking apps are supported, including Fitbit, Garmin, Strava, Google Health and Apple Health. So it's easy to add your activities to Burn To Give.

Download on the App Store and Google Play | Free

Runtastic Six Pack Abs

If you are looking for a more rounded approach to training that will develop your entire body, then look away now. This app has one goal in mind, and that means you get a rocking set of washboard abdominal muscles. Or at least strengthen your core considerably, which is good too. There are more than 50 abdominal training videos and a 1

0-week six-pack plan that does not require any equipment, so you can do the exercises anywhere. runtastic.com/sixpack

Download on the App Store and Google Play | Free, Pro Version £ 4.99

StrongLifts 5×5

This app removes all thoughts from the weight room. It shows you which exercises are to do with what weight, with the sentences and repetitions and how long you rest between the sentences. In addition, your progress will be considered and tracked over time to ensure that you always challenge yourself. The training plan includes three training sessions of 45 minutes each week. A nice trick is the prediction of the app for the weight that will lift you with each exercise after 12 weeks. stronglifts.com

Download from the App Store and Google Play | Free, Pro Version £ 8.49 for Three Months


In this great training app for beginners, there are a slew of seven-minute workouts, all of which fit into one of the three categories – Get Fit , Lose weight or become strong. All workouts can be done without equipment, so you can complete your workout anytime, anywhere, if you have seven minutes left. perigee.se

Download on the App Store and Google Play | Free, Pro Version £ 9.99 per month


If you want to know what exercises you want to perform in your HIIT sessions, but you want a specially designed timer track, you can not better than this easy-to-use app. It does not offer its own workouts, but you can customize any part of it and keep track of it on the attractive color-coded interface. If you're using it with an Apple Watch, you can then dive into the details of your intervals to get information about your heart rate and calories burned in each part of the workout. Intervallepro.com

Download on the App Store | Free, Pro Version £ 7.99


With a huge library of exercises and routines, Gymaholic is another great option for weight-loss enthusiasts. However, what this app especially highlights are the animated 3D augmented reality exercises. You create your own avatar in the app and then show you how to do the exercises and highlight the muscles you worked on during the workout. You have to see it to believe it. gymaholic.me

Download on the App Store | Free, Pro version € 3.49 per month

Pocket Yoga

Yoga can be a difficult exercise that can be traced from an app, especially if you are a beginner, for learning The poses allows you to flow between them quickly during a session takes some time. This app makes it easy with a 200-headed library of poses that you can browse through to get down to basics before you try one of the 27 vinyasa yoga classes on offer. pocketyoga.com

Download on the App Store and Google Play | App Store £ 2.99, Google Play £ 2.51


There are many guided training apps, but for almost all, you need to be able to follow your phone. Auro Fit breaks the model with audio instructions for the fast-growing catalog of workouts in the app. These workouts are not just limited to weight training sessions – there are workouts for all the popular cardio machines you'll find in the gym, as well as outdoor runs, yoga and stretching. At first, it's a bit more difficult to follow the routine solely with audio instructions, but once you have your ear (so to speak), it's a much more comfortable way to follow a workout than keep an eye on your phone in the gym. auro.fit

Download on the App Store and Google Play | £ 7.99 per month

Fitbit Coach

You do not need a Fitbit wearable to use the Fitbit Coach-led training app, but it's undoubtedly better to use the app with a Fitbit watch or – Connect band. This is because Fitbit Coach's customized training program recommends workouts based on your wearable activity history. If you have a Fitbit Versa or Ionic watch, you can track the workouts on your wrist. There are guided sessions on a variety of sports, including running, walking and body weight. These last between seven and 60 minutes. You can try a few Fitbit Coach sessions for free. However, you need a premium account to use most features of the app. fitbit.com

Download from App Store and Google Play | Premium £ 29.99 per year


Bring the boutique fitness experience into your home with this app and its ever expanding catalog of video workouts. The training sessions are divided into strength, cardio and rebalance sessions (yoga and pilates). Your movement and heart rate are monitored by a chest strap included in your subscription and counts your repetitions. There is something for everyone, regardless of your current fitness level, and you can choose between 25-minute and 40-minute workouts that suit your schedule and / or motivation.

Download on the App Store | Monthly £ 19.99 Monthly £ 44.99 Quarterly £ 119.99 Annually FIIT Review


With this unique and innovative app you can determine the variety of your fitness life. Signing up for MoveGB gives you access to pretty much any fitness facility in your area. To use the options near us as an example, one day you can join Virgin Active for a fitness session, try Boxing Yoga at the nearest Total Boxer Gym, and then complete a round at Bootcamp in Alexandra Palace Park this week. Of course, this subscription is costly for all areas – £ 49.99 per week for full access to all facilities. However, you can pay less, depending on the facilities you use. The minimum membership is £ 10.49 per week. This drastically reduces the number of available gyms and studios. However, you can also add individual seats to your membership by paying a small surcharge for each (from £ 2.50 per week). Last but not least, it pays to work with you to find out if you can find the right balance between cost and access. movegb.com

Downloading from App Store and Google Play | From £ 10.49 per week


This app can be useful for both planning workouts and improving your diet. However, there is a decent amount of free advice on your fitness status. You can also upgrade to a pro version for more detailed tips and workouts. The training sessions are short (less than 20 minutes) and are designed to be carried out with your existing equipment. If you are really under time pressure, there are even five and ten minutes of training. fizzup.com

Downloading from App Store and Google Play | Free, Pro Version £ 10.99 monthly


Guided workouts are a great way for most people to get started in the gym. Have your smartphone or Tablet with you, which is not always comfortable in a gym. However, Aaptiv's guided workouts are audio-trained so you do not have to stop unlocking your device to remember what's coming next. Aaptiv also covers all types of training: cardio sessions on fitness equipment or outdoors, strength training, HIIT, meditation – all are there. The workouts are also set to music, and you can search for workouts based on the genre, so you do not get stuck with music you can not stand. You can also search by type of training, trainer and intensity level to get exactly the result you want from your audio coaching. aaptiv.com

Downloading from App Store and Google Play | Free, Pro Version £ 7.99 monthly


This strength training app features a practice bible, training templates, and a workout log to track the progress of your lifts. What differentiates Gravitus from similar apps is its social function, which connects you to other users and at the same time represents a ranking of your strengths. gravitus.co

Download from App Store | Free


All training videos in this app require a minimum of gear or no gear. So you can come everywhere. There are a wide variety of courses, from Pilates and Yoga to boxing and HIIT, to six-week training programs, if you're looking for something more than after a one-time session. burnalong.com

Downloading from App Store and Google Play | Free one month trial then £ 9.49 monthly

Beachbody On Demand

Get access to the popular series of beachbody exercise programs, including Insanity and Core De Force. You can stream the videos or download them to your device to view them as you like. If you have an Apple Watch or a Wahoo TICKR X chest strap, you can link it to the app to track heart rate and calorie tracking while exercising. £ 39 quarterly, App Store and Google Play, beachbodyondemand.co.uk

Freeletics Bodyweight

There are four Freeletics apps: Body Weight, Gym, Running and Nutrition. We chose the Body Weight app because, as you may have guessed, all of the guided workouts require almost no equipment, so you can run them almost anywhere, anytime. Although not cheap, the Freeletics packages offer a comprehensive, personalized training plan that fits both your existing fitness level and your schedule. So there is no reason not to stick to it. freeletics.com

Download from App Store and Google Play | Free app, three-month plan £ 32.99


A welcome attempt to bring some humor into the world of training. CARROT Fit speaks to you through seven-minute workouts that use conventional bodyweight exercises that are renamed kite teasers, celebrity face strokes, or something stupid. The AI ​​of the app will also offend you a lot. It's not for everyone, but if you did not succeed with normal seven-minute workouts, it costs you less than a fiver to try something completely different. meetcarrot.com/fit

Download from App Store | £ 3.99

30-Day Fitness Challenge

The best way to start your fitness kick with a bang is to solve all of the early self-esteem through a 30-day challenge. Three 30-day challenges are available for this app: full body, abdomen and buttocks, for those who are really working on shaping their buttocks muscles.

Download from Google Play | Free


This app has a huge library of short (20 minutes maximum) and original HIIT training so you can always try something new. There are also HD videos to guide you through the entire exercise, and an Apple Watch app that lets you work out without having to use the phone. keelo.com

Download App Store | Free, Pro Version £ 10.49 monthly


This superb app splits her body weight into four categories – strength, heart, yoga and stretching , Once you have selected yourself from this quartet, choose the part of the body you want to focus on, or opt for a total body workout, and decide how long you want to work out. Sworkit guides you through a variety of exercises in a circuit. sworkit.com

Download from App Store and Google Play | Free Pro Version 3.99 € per month

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