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The best Smart Scales of 2019 to track your body composition

Entering Libra is traditionally a pretty straightforward affair. They enter, rub their eyes in disbelief over the given number and for reasons that seem justifiable at this point, already lose a few pounds.

Today's scales, however, go well beyond basic weight measurements. They can also tell you how much of your body is fat, muscle, water and bones. You can even tell which member of your household is on the scale and submit your results to an app.

These are all valuable pieces of information, because being healthier means much more than just losing weight – which is not enough. Consider the muscles you have gained through training, or actually lose fat when the pounds fall off of you. Granted, smart scales are not 1

00% accurate, but they're useful for showing changes over time – certainly more than those that measure your body mass and nothing else.

"Changes over time" is the key word that you should remember when using scales of any kind. If you weigh yourself every day or even several times on a given day, your readings may be affected by weight fluctuations that These are due to short-term factors such as a big lunch or dehydration, rather than actual changes in your body composition.

If you're in the middle of an intense exercise and nutrition plan to lose weight, it's a good idea to get on the scales once a week. Try to weigh yourself in similar conditions every time – the same day at the same time, with similar garments. There is no way to completely remove short-term fluctuations from the image. However, after a few months of weekly consideration, upward or downward trends in your body composition should be clearly visible.

For a complete understanding of your fluctuations, try one of these smart scales in your bathroom.

The Best Smart Scales

Polar Balance

[19659002] This scale does not provide additional metrics like body fat percentage and muscle mass. Instead, it shows its intelligence by combining with the Polar Flow app and fitness trackers to offer what is hugely termed a "holistic weight management service". In practice, this means that after setting a weight goal, the scale and your fitness tracker will send data to the app that will give you tips on how to achieve that goal through your diet and activity. On the software side, Polar excels here: the Flow app gives you a clear picture of your weight trends and useful tips on how to adjust your daily activities to reach your target weight.

Buy at Amazon | £ 67.95

Fitbit Aria 2

The main selling point of the Fitbit Aria 2 is that it radiates all the statistics that Stored in the excellent Fitbit app, they combine with all the data collected by a Fitbit fitness tracker and all the foods and drinks you log. It is a bit laborious, especially when it comes to inputting the foods you eat. However, if you're a junkie with health data, there's no better platform than the Fitbit app and connected devices. All of the information collected by Aria 2 – including weight, BMI, body fat percentage, and lean mass – is displayed in charts in the app so you can track all trends over time.

Buy at Amazon | £ 110 (RRP £ 120)

Garmin Index Smart Scale

Like the Fitbit Aria, the Garmin Index Smart The biggest advantage of Scale for many people is the ability to use it in conjunction with a Garmin fitness tracker and the Garmin Connect app. The balance records important statistics such as weight, BMI, body fat and muscle mass and transfers them to the app, which displays all information in clear diagrams. They are particularly easy to read if your weight and body fat are exactly what you want them to be.

Buy at Amazon | £ 133.20 (RRP £ 149.99)

Withings Body Cardio

In addition to specifying your overall body composition – weight, body fat BMI, water, muscle and bone mass – The Withings Body Cardio Scale also provides a picture of your heart health. This is done by measuring your standing heart rate and the so-called pulse wave velocity. Hey, we're not sure what it is, but it seems to be an excellent indicator of cardiovascular health. The impressive app provides more information on pulse wave velocity and tips for improving it, and records your progress on this and all other body composition statistics that it monitors.

Buy at Withings | £ 129.95

Tanita BC-731

Although it is less than half the price of the other options On this list, the Tanita BC-731 offers all the expected body composition values, including weight, body fat, muscle mass and BMI. It also goes beyond other standards when it comes to specifying a visceral fat estimate (the more dangerous fat that accumulates around your organs), your metabolic age, and even a body score based on all of the above factors. These results will not be sent to a partner app, but up to five user profiles can be stored in the scale.

Buy at Amazon | £ 47.44 (RRP £ 50)

QardioBase 2

This chic scale measures yours Weight, body fat, water content, body mass index (BMI), bone content and muscle percentage, and sends all results to the partner Qardio app to track changes over time. It also provides a smart smart feedback option for people who do not want to see numbers every day – step on the scales and you'll be greeted with a smiling, frowning or straight face, depending on your findings. [19659002] Buy at Amazon | £ 129.99

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