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The Best Running Watches of 2018 and Black Friday Deals

When it comes to improving your running skills, knowledge is powerful – and thanks to the technology that anyone with some disposable income can wrap around their wrists, amateur athletes now have more insight into their training than ever before. While elites used to have to make do with just a stopwatch and a reasonable idea of ​​how far they were going, today every runner can track his or her exact distance, pace, cadence, heart rate, and more.

A good running watch is much more than an everyday fitness tracker. To be worthy of the name, a device should include built-in GPS that allows analysis of run-specific metrics and includes or assesses training programs.

This meant that even the cheapest options cost north of £ 1

00. However, as you will see below, there are now some GPS-enabled options under this brand. However, you'll probably still spend over a ton to get a decent set of features, and you'll get more than £ 400 for fancy things like training and running analysis.

Best Black Friday Running Watch Deals

Garmin Forerunner 935 Tri Bundle – 29% off

The Forerunner Watching our favorite top-end run, 935 is always on the look-out for offers that significantly lower the price. This Black Friday Wiggle has lowered the price of the 935 Tri Bundle, which includes the watch itself, and two chest-strap heart rate monitors (one designed for swimming) by 29% (though it's only £ 40 cheaper than the watch's own RRP) [19659002] Buy at Wiggle | £ 399.99 (previously £ 569.99)

The Best Running Watches of the Year 2018

Best Treadmill: Huawei Band Pro 2

It is not a full-fledged running watch because the small screen makes it difficult to display statistics on the hoof. However, the Huawei Band Pro 2 has a remarkably rich tracker tape feature set, including an integrated GPS chip and heart rate tracking.

The Pro 2 band also offers training plans for standard distance races like 10km or a marathon, tailored to your fitness level and finish time, via the Huawei Wear app.

If you are looking for a band rather than a watch that records all the details of your runs for later review, you will not go wrong with the Pro 2 band.

Buy at Amazon £ 49.99 | Read our review for Huawei Band Pro 2

Best running under 100 €: Amazfit Bip

Anyone Looking for a bargain should not go further than the Bip, which has a tremendous battery life, an integrated GPS and heart rate monitor, and looks pretty good even with a design that "lends" some of the Apple Watch. The price jumps on Amazon – you can occasionally pick up the Bip for only £ 45 – but it's always well below £ 100, which is remarkable given its features.

The battery lasts for one month, even if you are regularly tracking and offers both GPS (the American satellite system) and GLONASS (the Russian counterpart) for your outdoor training. The catch is that accuracy can be a bit random, especially with regard to heart rate tracking, and there are no running intervals. However, the limitations of the Bip are far outweighed by the battery life and the fact that you get a full-fledged running watch with a screen, so you can keep track of your statistics during the run.

Buy at Amazon £ 67.99 | Read our Amazfit Bip Review

Best Cheap Wrist Watch: TomTom Runner 3

The Waterproof Runner 3 With built-in GPS and route recognition, you can display a basic map of your wrist walk to prevent it from getting lost. There are also a number of useful training modes, including interval sessions and the ability to set a target tempo zone, so that the Runner 3 comes to you every time you run too fast or too slow. The latter is a great way to get used to the planned racing speed.

TomTom offers lower-priced options for the Runner 3 with either a heart rate monitor or room for music or both, but the standard tracker is incredibly affordable in terms of features, given the wealth.

Buy from TomTom | £ 189.99 | Read our review by TomTom Spark 3 Cardio + Music

Optimally for inexperienced runners: Polar M430

The problem with choosing a running watch is that all their bells and whistles are useless if you do not know how to use them. The Polar M430 excellently demonstrates how all the data collected can have a real impact on your run, primarily through the connection with the Polar Flow web app to create an adaptable workout plan. This schedules your sessions, guides you through your training in real time, and then provides feedback. For runners who want to improve but do not have the necessary knowledge or access to coaching, this is an excellent alternative.

Buy at Polar | £ 174.50 | Read our Polar M430 Fitness Tracker Review

Best Mid-Range Running Watch: Garmin Forerunner 235

The Garmin Forerunner series is a watch king, and the 235 is the perfect combination of features and price, so she is the best all-round option for amateur runners. In addition to displaying all the important running metrics (tempo, distance, time, calories and cadence), the 235 has a special screen that is divided into colored zones to control your heart rate during the run and to estimate the impact of your workout on your heart aerobic fitness after the end of the session. Running workouts can also be downloaded and tracked from the Garmin Connect app.

The 235 does not match battery life or has as many features as Garmin's top-end options (like the Forerunner 935 below), but it does offer more than the average runner really needs. If you are not interested in heart rate or want to wear a separate chest strap, the cheaper Forerunner 230 (£ 219.99) is a great alternative. Apart from an integrated heart rate monitor, it more or less corresponds to the functional range of the 235.

Buy at Garmin | £ 249.99

Best battery life running clock: Coros Pace

Coros entered the market with a GPS watch market bang by introducing the Pace, which includes a monster battery along with enough punchy features to make the competition look nervous over the shoulder. The Pace holds 25 hours in GPS mode – the kind of battery life normally reserved for top-of-the-range watches costing more than £ 400 instead of £ 250 – and the big screen displays all the live stats you get during your runs might need. [19659002] We also found having the most accurate heart rate tracker we've seen on a wearable wrist, while the Coros Companion app does a great job of clearly displaying the important information about your run. There are some disadvantages, such as the lack of an interval mode, but it is expected that many of these problems will be addressed in the near future through updates. And if you're an aspiring triathlete, you'll also be pleased to know that Pace has open-water and multi-sport swimming modes.

Buy at Amazon £ 249.98 | Read our Coros Pace review

Best Running Music: Garmin 645 Music

It is Now for runners who want to have music on their wrist, there are several options available. However, the Garmin 645 Music beats the competition, as their music features are simply the nuts and bolts of an outstanding all-round watch. The 645 provides almost all of the key features of Garmin's top-end watches for the Forerunner 935 and Fenix, including customizable workouts, race-pacer mode, lactate threshold measurements, and run-out analysis (although an extra sensor is required for the latest model). , It is also the most stylish watch Garmin has made. You can load your own music, podcasts and audiobooks on the clock, and the Deezer streaming service will be available in the near future.

Buy at Garmin | £ 399.99 | Read our Garmin 645 Music review

Best Smartwatch for Running: Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple The great strength of Watch while running is the unsurpassed variety of apps it offers. All the most popular run-tracking apps have a dedicated watch version, including Strava, Runkeeper, and Nike + Run Club. So, if you're already locked in with an app, you can seamlessly use it on the Apple Watch. You can also balance most of the features of a dedicated watch with more detailed apps like iSmoothRun.

If you choose the 4G version of the Apple Watch 4, you can also receive calls, send text and emails, and stream music through the clock while you're running without a phone. Even if you never want to pick up a call while you turn 5K off, the ability to stream the extensive music catalog via Apple Music feels almost magical.

Buy at Apple | From £ 399 | Read our Apple Watch Series 4 review

Best Android smartwatch for running: Fitbit Ionic

[19659002] The Apple Watch 4 is powerfully impressive, but completely useless to Android users. Fortunately, there are several great options, including the Samsung Gear Sport and Garmin Vivoactive 3. However, we consider the Fitbit Ionic to be the best running smartwatch for Android for three reasons. The first is the sensational screen, which is incredibly clear and can be set to be always on during the runs (note this Apple). The second is the Smartwatch permission, which includes the storage of music and podcasts, and Fitbit Pay, although the latter is not yet fully implemented in the UK.

Finally, there's Fitbit's handy runbit detection feature, which you can easily start running without the push of a button, knowing that the Ionic turns on the GPS and automatically starts recording.

Buy From Fitbit | £ 279.99 | Read our Fitbit Ionic review

When money is not an object: Garmin Forerunner 935

With Garmin's Top Forerunner, we're entering a serious athlete The unit has excellent GPS battery life of 24 hours and a variety of features that enhance training. For runners (it covers all the basics for triathletes), the best part includes a detailed look at the effects of your workout on your aerobic and anaerobic fitness as well as recommendations on how long you should recover and whether your overall regimen is challenging, not challenging enough or precisely.

The 935 also estimates your bests for 5km, 10km, half marathon and marathon distances (although in our opinion these estimates are incredibly optimistic). This is just a snapshot of the 935's abilities, and even if you've been using them for years, they'll probably still find new ways to surprise and please you. As you would expect, all this is associated with high costs.

Buy at Garmin | £ 439.99 | Read our Garmin Forerunner 935 review

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