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The best Running Caps of 2019

You will know when you have found the right toe cap. You will start to grasp it before you run, without thinking about it, and you will feel underwear if you go out without it.

Running caps are most useful on sunny days when providing shade, keeping wick sweat away from the scalp and helping to keep the head cool. However, they are also useful in bad weather if you keep the rain out of your eyes. Even if you buy a hat in the summer, you can wear it all year round. In this case, it must either be easy to clean or odorless. Or ideally both.

Below is a summary of our favorite running hats that check most or all of the boxes listed above – including some that do, while also looking pretty sharp.

Ciele GOCap

If you want to do a shot on your run, Ciele should be your first port of call. And it's likely to be your last stop too, because the huge selection of designs will satisfy all newbies. Not only do the caps look great, they are also light and breathable and can be machine washed without losing their shape.

Buy from Ciele | £ 30

Buff Pack Run Cap

This soft cap can be rolled up into a ball. Make It will be easy to pack a backpack or jacket pocket for your run, and it will be ready for use immediately after unrolling. The wicking fabric keeps your noggin sweat free and the drawstring makes it easy to adjust the size quickly and easily.

Buy at Buff | £ 27.50

dhb Run Cap

Beanies will never be the most expensive product in your range. but the dhb cap is even cheaper than most others. It's a simple yet effective part of the kit with mesh inserts on the back for increased breathability, and reflective details on the front and back to improve visibility for night driving.

Buy at Wiggle | £ 10 (currently reduced to £ 7.50)

Iffley Road Putney Running Cap

The Mesh inserts The back and soft inner sweatband make the Putney hat perfect for hot runs, and no matter how sweaty your run becomes, the hat is dry, fresh and ready to use again in about an hour, it runs for over a month, without having to be washed.

Buy from Iffley Road | £ 30

Castore Ghost 2.0 Cap

The Ghost Cap uses an elastic strap instead of an adjustable strap Make a closer fit on your scalp, maximizing wicking. However, this means that you must choose the right size when buying, otherwise it might feel loose or tight. The liner has antibacterial treatment that stops odors so you can use the cap longer between washes.

Buy at Castore | £ 30

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