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The best running armbands | Trainer

There are several ways to take some important things while running, none of which are perfect. It is annoying to carry something in your hands because it is put in a bag that claps against the thigh with every step, while a running backpack is usually over the top.

A running belt can be a good solution to take along a few things, although they can also irritate you when you are jumping around while running. However, if you only want to bring along a phone, a card and keys while running, an armband is probably the best choice.

They sit right by the arm so they do not move while walking, even though they're running If you increase the size of the phone's displays, they can get a bit unwieldy when you attach them to your arm. In our experience, you get used to it. All in all, an armband is probably the least intrusive option to take a few important things with you during a run.

Here are the best bracelets you can buy now.

Kalenji Big Smartphone Wristband

There are no punches here. Have a big smartphone? Then you need a big smartphone with armband. In this inexpensive wristwatch from Kalenji fit Plus iPhones and Samsung Galaxy Notes. They have a transparent front, so you can see and operate a touch screen. The top zipper keeps water out, and there are small holes at the bottom that allow you to press the headphone plug.

Buy at Decathlon | £ 6.99

Adidas Media Arm Pocket

This armband has a net to prevent overheating A Velcro on the top of the bag ensures a good seal against the elements, even if the phone does not stay dry during a thunderstorm. The bag is big enough for larger smartphones, but if you have a particularly impressive bicep you will find that the strap is a bit tight.

Buy at Adidas 24,95 €

Sports Wristband

There are some Products that are unlikely to be available on eBay. But small running accessories is definitely worth a look at the auction site, because there are very good options for next to nothing. This ribbon costs £ 2.99 and is available in a range of colors and sizes. You can even choose your exact phone model to make sure you get a volume big enough to record. Not to use in heavy rain, but it's cheap and will do the job.

Buy on eBay £ 3.99

Ronhill Stretch Pocket

If you have not Do not have this bag Be big enough to take with you, but not every one of us would like to carry a phone every time we pass – sometimes a bag containing a card and a house key is enough. The Ronhill bag expands so that it sits snugly on the arm, making you forget quickly that it is there, and the fabric wicks sweat away from the skin, so it does not clutter unpleasantly when worn.

Buy at Amazon | From € 7.34

Quad Lock Sport Armband

If you buy a Quad Lock case for your phone (not included if you buy the armband) You can mount it quickly by either turning it on this armband or your handlebar (you will need a separate bike mount). It's expensive to get all the parts of the system, but it's a very secure holder for your phone that lets you access the screen without getting in the way of clear plastic.

Buy at Amazon | £ 29.95

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