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The best running apps | Trainer

Put the right apps together, and your smartphone can become the ultimate running companion. It can track your runs, provide the soundtrack, coach you through an interval session, guide you along a route in a new city, or even accumulate a horde of virtual zombies to keep you on your toes during your workout. Below is our selection of the best running apps available in different categories, but first the TL; DR version, which has only the best app in each category.

Best Running Tracking App: Strava

Best Run Coaching App: One You Couch to 5K

Best Route Planning App: Runnin 'City

Best Running Game App: Zombies! Run

Best Reward App: Running Heroes

Best Social Running App: Runmates

Best Run Tracking Apps


Track all your runs and connect with Stravas gazillion others Users automatically compete in competing segments. No other app gives you the chance to become the world record holder (!) For half the mile between your home and the shops. Strava also offers three paid services ̵

1; a training package to help you prepare for a race, a suite of in-depth analysis, and a safety beacon feature to allow nominees to check your whereabouts. strava.com

Download from the App Store and Google Play | Free, Individual Packs £ 2.99 per month

Nike + Run Club

There are so many running tracking apps that it takes a lot to stand out from the crowd with interesting, unique products, and exactly that's what the Nike + Run Club app has done. In particular, the guided runs are a triumph that leads you through speed sessions, long runs or beginners runs. Many of them have famous athletes like Mo Farah and Eliud Kipchoge on board to create some motivation with their headphones. Recently, a Run With Headspace collection has been introduced that encourages users to be meticulous and use their training as an opportunity to escape the stress of the day. You can also easily track your training, and people who use the app often get early access to new Nike products. nike.com/plus

Download from the App Store and Google Play | Free


The perfect app for those who like to spend hours browsing through their running statistics and planning workouts weeks in advance. iSmoothRun offers more than other trackers by covering statistics such as cadence and even how many kilometers a particular pair of coaches have covered. The app also makes it easy to schedule custom interval sessions and shortcuts to all sorts of external hardware and apps so you can export your current data to your existing accounts. ismoothrun.com

Download from App Store | £ 4.99


Another great tracking app that helps with all aspects of your run, including monitoring the weather so you can plan your outdoor sessions and avoid showers. runtastic.com

Download from App Store and Google Play | Free, Pro version 5.99 € per month

Map My Run

It does just what it promises, offers interactive maps and all the details of your runs, as well as finding other routes near Sun. You can keep things fresh when you knock the sidewalks. mapmyrun.com/app

Download from the App Store and Google Play | Free, Pro Version £ 4.49 per month


As one of the oldest and most popular tracking apps, Runkeeper has a 50 million strong user base, and with good reason. Accurate tracking, a clear user interface and tailored weekly training plans keep people coming back. If you're an Apple Watch user, Runkeeper offers one of the best standalone apps for the device. runkeeper.com

Download from the App Store and Google Play | Free, Pro Version £ 7.99 per month


Go through your runs by listening to DJ-curated playlists that automatically adjust the beats per minute (BPM) of music to your cadence or heart rate , You can also manually set the tempo to the cadence you want to hit during the run or select a playlist in which to create the BPM bit by bit, increasing your speed throughout the run. RockMyRun not only tracks your own runs, but also links to popular apps like Strava and Nike + Run Club. rockmyrun.com

Download from App Store and Google Play | Free, Pro Version £ 3.99 per month


This list includes many run-tracking apps. If you, like us, try a few of them, you will score with workouts different apps that do not necessarily export these data together. Run RunGap, which lets you retrieve tracking data from the most popular apps and send it anywhere. It's most useful to owners of Apple Watch devices because the device's native workouts app does not export the runs it tracks, much to the annoyance of any enthusiastic runner, and especially those on Strava. RunGap gets the run data from Apple's Health app and transfers it to your Strava profile, so your training log is always complete and up-to-date (RunGap Pro only). www.rotap.com

Download from App Store | Free, Pro Version £ 2.99 Per Quarter, £ 7.99 Per Year

Best Running Training Apps

One You Couch To 5K

Up to 5K to run without stopping is in and of itself a great thing It's also the gateway to tougher drugs – sorry, longer stretches. There are many apps to guide you through the process, but we believe the Public Health England plan is the best option. It's totally free (some others have the first "free one" switcher, followed by in-app purchases), and you get audio support on every run run by a surprising mix of people, including track-and-field legend Michael Johnson and comedian Sarah Millican , Start the program today and in just nine weeks beat 5K like a champion. nhs.uk/oneyou

Download from App Store and Google Play | Free

Saucony Stride Lab

This ambitious app aims to analyze and improve your walk by looking at your entire body and identifying in which areas you need some work to be able to work efficiently , After an initial assessment, you will receive exercises and strengthening exercises to refine your running in five areas – strength, mobility, pace, stability and posture. saucony.com/en/stride-lab-app[19659012$DownloadAppStore|Free


When you "nibble" on long runs (because the power runs out) because you have no idea How to fire it, this app could be the solution. You upload the route for your event and give your details – height, weight, etc. – and Endur8 calculates the optimal amount of carbohydrates you need for the run and tells you when to eat them. In addition, you will receive notifications during the event that remind you of refueling. endur8.com

Download from App Store | Free, Pro Version £ 6.49 per Quarter

Running to Lose Weight

There are many reasons to start running, but for many people, the main motivation is to lose some weight , This app helps to do just that by creating eight-week plans to help you lose weight with interval training and diet recommendations. Each training session is led by an audio coach to keep you up to date. There are several levels of training based on your existing fitness, and Running For Weightloss also includes links to other apps like Fitbit and MapMyRun, so your workouts will sync with them as well. Download from the App Store and Google Play |. redrockapps.com/apps/weight_loss[19659012FreeProvision_799proMonth

Running pace

If you have a target time for a particular race in mind, it is always useful to see how it behaves at your required pace Miles or kilometers slip off. This free app does all the calculations for you. You can also divide races into smaller sections. For example, you can see how much time it takes to reach the 10km, 20km, 30km and 40km marathon marriages to make sure you reach the overall result. fikesfarm.com/rp

Download from App Store | Free


In this smart app, enter a recent time for each standard run. With the popular McMillan Running Calculator, you can predict the estimated time based on the calculated time. For example, if you ran your last half marathon in 1h 45min 16sec, the McRun calculator expects a full marathon in 3h 41min 32sec. Your finish time is sorted. mcrunapp.com

Download from the App Store and Google Play | App Store 4.99 €, Google Play 3.94 €


This app offers a variety of guided audio workouts, including training plans and individual sessions for runners to help you improve your current level. There is currently a couch-to-5K plan and two 10K training plans. The range of trainings and plans is updated regularly. There are guided indoor and outdoor running workouts that take between 20 minutes and one hour, with a variety of simple, tempo and interval runs available. auro.fit

Download from App Store and Google Play | £ 7.99 per month

Best Route Planning Apps

Runnin 'City

Download this app before you start your next city break or business trip. Runnin 'City offers guided audio tours of 120 cities that will guide you along the 5km, 10km or 15km routes that pass by key points of interest and provide brief information about what you see. The important thing is that you can download the routes and audio so you can follow it without paying huge amounts of data. The experience is by no means perfect, but then no app has really mastered live directions. As you can easily imagine, the routes will send you through some of the busiest parts of the city, but if you want to get the lie of the land, this is almost perfect in the early morning. runnincity.world

Download from the App Store and Google Play | Free


Exploring new areas is one of the great joys of running, but it can, of course, cause you to spend a lot of time trying to find out exactly where you are , RunGo avoids the fear of the unknown, with the voice navigation that marks the right turns, and even points of interest that you might want to stop and take a look at. You can create and download routes so they work, even when you have no data, or search the library of existing routes for cities around the world. tionoapp.com

Download from the App Store and Google Play | Free, Pro Version £ 1.99 per month

Footpath Route Planning

This smart, simple app makes it tedious to plan running trails, which can be a very cumbersome affair. You simply draw the vague route that you want to take on the map in the app as a freeform, and it will snap to the nearest roads and paths. It also gives the total length and height of the route, which can be exported to other apps. footpathapp.com

Download from App Store | 99p, Pro Version £ 4.99

Best Racing Games Apps

Zombies! Run

Many have tried it, but no fitness app has gamification as successful as zombies! Run, who throws you as a survivor of a zombie apocalypse, conducts missions to secure the existence of the human race. A first-rate story and the ultimate motivation to run faster – zombies that hunt you – make this an app that every runner should try. zombiesrungame.com

Download from App Store and Google Play | Free, Pro version 2.29 € per month

Run A Empire

With this app, you can not only stay fit, but also because you "enforce" the area during the runs. But keep an eye on your country as other runners can come and steal it. Running also gives you coins that you can use to build your empire in the area you've staked out as your own. If you fully embrace the concept, Run An Empire is addictive and will quickly become the only running app you pay attention to. runanempire.com

Download from App Store | Free

Best Reward Apps

Running Heroes

Apps that reward you for your training are only successful if (1) you easily record your exercises and (2) earn rewards that can actually be earned. Running Heroes is successful on both counts and can be easily linked to apps like Fitbit, Strava and Garmin Connect to count all your activities. the prices to be rewarded, eg. For example, there are significant discounts on running apparel and racing and free treats such as craft beer or avocado toast. It is also possible to earn the prices within a few weeks on the bike path or while running, so that the prices arrive frequently enough to arouse the interest. de.runningheroes.com

Downloading App Store and Google Play | Free

Charity Miles

The idea behind this app is simple: For every mile you sign up with, donate sponsors of companies to a charity of your choice. It has proven to be remarkably effective as it has so far raised over two million pounds for good causes. charitymiles.org

Download from the App Store and Google Play | Free

Best Social Running Apps


Running with other people is great, but it's not always possible to lure friends into running at the same time and at the same speed as you. So what do you do if your friends abandon you? You find better friends! With this new app, you choose the time and place you want to run, regardless of whether you want to run as a group or as a couple. Then, throw your run into the community to find other people who want to work with you. You can either share your plans with your existing contacts in the app or publicize them so everyone can join you. There are also professional treadmills in the app that allow you to book sessions, although of course this is something you need to pay for. runmates.com

Download from the App Store and Google Play | Free


If you're the kind of runner that enjoys a bit of friendly competition, this virtual racing app might be just right for you to stay motivated. You can participate in real-time events, where you can receive live voice messages about where you were placed in a race, or travel a certain distance when it suits you, and see where you place it. There are also simple runs and events associated with special days, such as International Women's Day. You can connect Garmin, Polar or TomTom trackers to the app or record a run with the app. racerunner.com

Download from App Store and Google Play | Free


Are you tired of running solo? This app can help you find running colleagues in your area. As you enter details about the pace you want to perform along with time and location, you can be sure that your new buddy will not sprint and leave you in the dust. Getting people to work is always a great motivation to get out of here, especially when the long, cold winter nights are approaching. mycrew.com

Download on the App Store and on Google Play | Free


With her name, this app lets you repeat all your outdoor activities with a video showing your runs on a 3D map, highlighting peaks in height, heart rate and speed. It also links to popular third-party fitness apps, such as Strava and Garmin Connect, so you do not have to record your run separately to restart it. Relive is also clever enough to automatically take all the photos you took during the run from your phone and integrate them into the video. The resulting animation can easily be shared on social media platforms, which makes a more engaging contribution than a screenshot of your Strava card. relive.cc

Download from the App Store and Google Play | Free

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