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The Best New Road Running Shoes: Plus, Black Friday Deals

If you go for a kick, the one-piece set that's really worth some time to choose from is a top-notch pair of running shoes.

You can of course walk in old shoes, but that might be good to put you in the fast lane for injuries, sluggish times and a generally unpleasant experience. In contrast, the right pair of shoes will help you to find the motivation to go out and hit the sidewalks.

What matters for a perfect couple depends on a person's goals, speed, running style, and fashion sensibilities. Do not ignore the last factor – you want to feel comfortable in these shoes as you cover hundreds of miles.

Below are our favorite running shoes. Everything is based on our experience of running, but different runners will get different things from each shoe. So be sure to consider your own experiences as you choose your new kicks. But hopefully somewhere on the list there will be a couple that will carry you to PBs from all distances.

Black Friday Offers for the Best Running Shoes for the Road

You will undoubtedly find some special rates on last minute deals. Seasonal models, but Pro: Direct Running offers some stunning offers for shoes that have made our current best list. And here they are.

Now we are far enough One can assume that the Pegasus Turbo of the is the best shoe to be launched this year. It is light, comfortable and resilient enough to complete all training and racing missions. The only downside is the high price of the Pegasus Turbo. However, Pro: Direct Running has helped cut shoe costs by 30% for Black Friday

Buy at Pro: Direct Running | £ 112 (previously £ 160)

Adidas UltraBoost – 30% off

Several different UltraBoost designs have been reduced 30% on Pro: Direct Running's Black Friday sale. We're a fan of the Inky Blue, but you'll also find cuts in various UltraBoost colors as well as reductions in the All Terrain and Laceless versions of the shoe.

Buy at Pro: Direct Running | £ 112 (previously £ 160)

Saucony Ride 10 – 42% off

A great deal for a great allrounder running shoe. The Saucony Ride 10 is sufficiently padded for long runs, but fast enough for PB hunting. In the black denim and copper color many different sizes are available. However, if you choose only one of the limited options in the Orange and Blue shoes, you will get an even bigger offer as this design has been reduced to £ 43.

Buy at Pro: Direct Running | £ 70 (previously £ 120)

Adidas Solar Boost – 30% off

We rate the Solar Boost as the best Adidas Allrounder running shoe, a bit more muted than the fast Boston and Adios shoes, faster and more stable than the stylish UltraBoost. It's now under £ 100 as part of Pro: Direct Running's Black Friday Extravaganza.

Buy Pro: Direct Running £ 98

Hoka Clifton 5 – 30% off

[19659002] If you feel comfortable in your training runs, contact Hoka Clifton 5, which offers a richly soft ride thanks to the massive padding on the bottom of the shoe. There are a few for £ 69 in the blue color of the shoe, while the black version is available for £ 81 from size 7 to 13.5.

Buy at Pro: Direct Running | £ 81

Best all-round running shoes

Our selection: Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo [194559014]

A good The all-rounder It needs to be padded enough to be comfortable on easy runs, but it is responsive enough to speed up your pace and race. The ride is rather soft for an all-rounder, especially compared to the standard Pegasus 35, but the cushioning is so springy and light that you can not slow the pace when you need it. The only big downside is the cost – the Pegasus Turbo is a staggering price of £ 159.95. It's an excellent shoe, but there are other great all-rounders that will not hit your wallet that much.

Buy At Nike | £ 189.95

Also consider

Saucony Ride ISO If you like the idea of ​​the gentler ride of the Pegasus Turbo, but are not interested in its high price, then the Saucony Ride ISO can You fell to the ground. It's softly cushioned, but you can keep a fast pace for a long time. £ 120, can be purchased at saucony.com

New Balance Zante 4 For a tighter all-rounder, the New Balance Zante 4 is a good choice for comfortable ride on easy runs, but if you can Speed ​​up, it reacts very fast. £ 100, buy at newbalance.co.uk

Adidas SolarBoost This trainer / racer combines the springy feel of Adidas' Boost foam, yet offers more support than his stachers of Boston or Adios shoes. £ 139.95, buy at adidas.co.uk

Best Road Running Shoes

Our selection: Adidas Adizero Boston 7

The Boston is a bit more muffling than a full-on-flat, but for amateurs who wear it only in fast races without fatigue on their legs and make the Boston a comfortable shoe for training runs too. In Boston, you can easily ride up to the marathon distance, although some prefer a still padded shoe for the entire 42.2 km.

Buy from Sports Shoes | £ 107.95

See also

Adidas Adizero Adios 3 The Adios is even lighter and more snappy than the Boston. It's a great choice for lightweight runners looking for speed. However, there is a lack of cushioning for longer races, and you probably only want to bring it out for track and tempo sessions during training. £ 69, buy at runnersneed.com

New Balance 1400v6 Another lightweight shoe that helps you shine on race day. The 1400v6 has slightly more grip on the outsole than many racers. This makes it an excellent choice for runs that move between asphalt and light trails. Has anyone said "Parkrun PB"? £ 85, buy at newbalance.co.uk

Best marathon running shoes

Our selection: Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4%

It is very expensive and difficult to obtain, but the 4% of Vaporfly have earned rave reviews since their launch in 2017. There is even research that supports the claim that you are walking 4% faster. We have not yet managed to get a pair ourselves, but universal recognition from elsewhere means that the 4% of Vaporfly earn the marathon crown. However, you may need to find an alternative plan, as the 4% are rarely in stock anywhere.

Buy At Nike | 199,95 €

Also consider

Nike Zoom Fly The little brother of the Vaporfly may not have the carbon plate and the ZoomX foam that makes up the 4%, but it is Still an excellent marathon racer with a stack of stiff foam that will propel you for long stretches. £ 109, Buy now at runnersneed.com

Adidas Adizero Boston 7 Our choice for the best road racer is a strong contender for lighter, faster runners who are comfortable in the full marathon , £ 107.95, ready for sale at sportssshoes.com

Saucony Kinvara 9 This is a lightweight, low-heeled shoe that runs much faster than its slightly bulky frame suggests. The Kinvara 9 is a shoe that has grown to the rigors of most training sessions and impressed over 42.2 km on race day. £ 115, can be purchased at saucony.com

Best Highly Padded Running Shoes

Our selection: Hoka One One Clifton 5


If you are looking for an extremely cushioned shoe, Hoka One One will always come to your mind. The Clifton 5's massive padding provides a very soft ride over any distance, but the shoe is still light enough to handle faster driving when needed, no doubt working best on lighter days.

Buy from the Runners Need | £ 115


Brooks Glycerin 16 A thick stack of upholstery and a plush upholstery mean Glycerin 16 is extremely soft. It's a great shoe if you're looking for maximum comfort while running. £ 135, buy at runnersneed.com

Saucony Triumph ISO 4 With the Triumph ISO 4 you can comfortably cover endless kilometers, but it is also one of the muted options thanks to the energy-returning Everun midsole. £ 140, can be purchased at saucony.com

Most Stylish Running Shoes

Our selection: Adidas Ultra-Boost Parley [194551014]

] You do not have to be ashamed to have running shoes that you can wear even when you're not running. Honestly, given the cost of running shoes today, you should have as much of it as possible. The Ultraboost is the ideal all-rounder with lots of boost cushioning for your runs and a stylish knit upper. We chose the Parley version because it's made from recycled plastic and the environment is currently so hot. Besides, it looks great.

Buy at Adidas | 199,95 €

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Nike Epic React The durable React foam in the sole means that the Epic React holds 1,000 km without crumbling and the uncomfortable Design means you can Share this distance between walking and strolling through the city. The lightweight React is an excellent running shoe that is suitable for all types of training and is also a good choice for longer races. € 129.95, for sale at nike.com

Our Choice: Asics Gel Kayano 25

As the name indicates, this is the 25th iteration of the Kayano line, which is intended to give some idea of ​​how popular it is with runners seeking extra support to avoid over-emphasizing while running. The medial support system keeps the foot from rolling too far, while the Flytefoam in the sole will help you jump long distances through high speed.

Buy at Asics | £ 155

Also see

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 Another long-time favorite with stability-shoe-seeking runners, the Adrenaline GTS 18 has a diagonal roll bar in the midsole. The foot is overpriced on landing. £ 120, can be purchased at brooksrunning.com

Saucony Liberty ISO This is a great choice for those who do not overpronate and feel uncomfortable in a sturdy shoe like the Kayano or Adrenaline GTS. The Liberty ISO is relatively lightweight for a stability shoe and a great choice for longer road races. £ 150, can be purchased at saucony.com

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