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The best London fitness deal we can find in January

Pretty much every gym in the nation is currently offering a deal to lure people through its doors. Therefore, it is a big claim to refer to a particular gym as the best. However, we think the one-month free trial of ClassPass – a subscription service that lets you switch between small group classes in a large network of fitness and yoga studios – is something special for a number of reasons.

The first is economic. This is a free trial that will cost you nothing, as long as you remember to cancel it before automatically renewing it for another month. Most large fitness chains offer one month for free this month. However, this is only possible if you sign up for full membership.

Then there are a variety of exercise options. Whatever type of workout you want, whether it's a high-calorie HIIT session, a relaxing yoga flow, or a swirling twist, you have access to one of the studios available on ClassPass. These studios are also located in the whole of London, so you will surely find some that are close to your home or work.

With Your Free Trial You Can Try Seven Classes To find your favorite exercise, you can try different things to find out if there is something you fall in love with.

Fitness classes are generally a great place to start if you're committed to weathering in 201

9. Gym membership is great, but if you do not have a plan for what you want to do when you actually visit the gym, then you could waste your time there or push yourself too hard, resulting in such a wilderness soreness that makes you never want to go back. During the lesson you will be guided through a training so that you know that you will use your training time as efficiently as possible.

You can sign up for the free trial and play on the ClassPass website or in the App (App Store and Google) for Studio Play). You will need to enter your card details, but as long as you cancel before the month ends, you will not be charged. If you wish to stay with ClassPass, membership will automatically be renewed for another month, which costs £ 65.

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