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The best IT band stretches and exercises

Recently started running or spinning? Did you try to get your weekly miles off the road on the trails? Did you skip your weekly yoga classes a few times too many times in a row?

If you have pain on the outside of either or both knees or feel "locked up" in and around your knees, your iliotibial band (or IT band) could be to blame. The IT band begins at the pelvis and runs outward on the thigh to the tibia. The muscles in your butt and in your hips stick to it. Even if you have knee pain, it can be a symptom of weakness or tightness in the hips. (It could be a very common phenomenon called IT band syndrome, read more here.)

The best strategy for staying pain and injury free? A combination of strengthening the hips, stretching the IT bands and foam rollers of all the major muscles in the legs. It sounds like a lot of work, but if you follow these six simple steps, you will notice a significant difference. This IT tape stretches, trains and rolls with foam to loosen up your IT tape and move painlessly in no time. (See also: 1

0 ways to use a foam roller)

You need: A practice tape, a foam roller and a mat (optional).
How it works: Make each move twice a week for the specified number of repetitions and sets.

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