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The best home fitness equipment

Finding the motivation to go to the gym is not always easy – to be honest – it's very rare – but what if you did not have to go somewhere to get your workout done? What if everything you needed was right in your garage or in your common room?

Creating a gym may seem like a huge hassle and a bit of work – hauling heavy weights home from a store or putting together a treadmill is not a walk in the park – but it can be a worthwhile investment. Consider how much time you save for driving to and from the gym and how much money you can save on membership fees in the long run.

Another advantage is that you obviously only need to buy the equipment you actually use when building your own home workout area. If you spend £ 1

00 a month on a fitness membership and only use the exercise bike and a few dumbbells, you can save money by buying these items for your home within a few months. Home gym equipment may not require as much space as you might think, with foldable versions of cardio equipment and weight systems available in confined spaces.

Below you will find our compilations of equipment gym. Click through and you will find our top selection for the most common types of cardiovascular equipment and dumbbells.

Some people may make fun of buying a treadmill home ("Why do not you just go out? It's free! ", They'll say complacently before they sit down on the sofa.) But these people certainly have not tried to train through the bitter winter in the UK. Treadmills are expensive – count on £ 500 to £ 1,500 for a machine that can do anything a regular runner needs, and £ 300 to £ 500 for a beginner machine – but if you only run, your own machine is better in the medium term a gym membership.

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Quick Selection: JTX Sprint-7

With a top speed of 20 km / h and a gradient of 15%. The Sprint 7 is a fine mid-range machine suitable for both beginners and advanced skiers. There is also a tablet holder and a built-in speaker.

Buy at JTX Fitness | £ 999

You can pick up an excellent exercise bike for under £ 150, or an elite standard bike for about £ 15 Transport £ 2,000, so if you're in the gym, it can be very useful to move your workout home. Cycling apps like Zwift and The Sufferfest are the motivation you need during your sessions – or you can just stay on TV.

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Quick Pick: JLL IC300 Indoor Exercise Bike

If you're a spinning fan and would like to save as little as £ 20, this inexpensive bike offers Similar experience with a 18 kg flywheel and a handle with frictional resistance. Just set it up in front of a smart screen and search YouTube for free lessons. Nine sessions later, it paid off.

Buy at Amazon | £ 179.99

Another great option for a full-body cardio workout at home, Rowers have the price advantage on Ellipticals. The best machines – the machines used by Olympians – are no less than 1,000, and there are several options between 300 and 600 pounds that will satisfy all non-olympics. Most of the rowing machines can also be folded up so that they can be stowed away in a cupboard.

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Quick Tip: Tornado-Air rowing machine with V-Fit

Rowing machines match the resistance The effort you invest makes them a great choice if several people with different levels of fitness are going to use it – or if you plan to become very fast really fast. This entry-level model can also be folded up so that it can be stored in a cupboard.

Buy at Amazon | 259.99 €

If you're a dedicated cyclist, picking up a turbo for your winter training is a brainer Most drivers find everything they need in turbos that cost under £ 150, and the best are still under £ 1,000. In addition, the kit takes up virtually no space and allows you to drive your top-notch racing bike without exposing it or yourself to the elements.

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Elite Qubo Power Fluid

Cheaper turbo trainers use a magnetic resistance. Resistance to liquids, however, is a superior technology that reduces the noise and wear of your bike – and is now found in a kit that is under £ 200. Kit like this.

Buy at Amazon | 181.76 £

Crosstrainer or ellipticals have two major advantages over other cardiovascular devices. The first is that they enable a full-body workout, as you press your legs with your hands while cycling. The second is that they load your body much less than walk, because your feet will not leave the platforms during exercise, eliminating the impact on your joints. Cross trainers are expensive – budget vending machines cost between £ 150 and £ 300, a sturdy home device ranges between £ 300 and £ 700, and it's well over £ 1,000 for a fitness machine, but you do not need anything else to get a good workout at home.

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Quick Pick: Reebok ZR8 Cross Trainer

The ZR8 gives you less mid-range features. the most important is the bulky 9 kg flywheel, which offers 32 different levels of resistance.

Buy at Amazon | £ 262.90

Dumbbells are the obvious choice for your first free weight purchase. They are cheap, they are usually adjustable to change the weight, and they can be used for a variety of exercises. There are only a few key options for the dumbbells, including the material, shape and weight range you desire. All the information you need to make that choice, and our best tips, can be found in our best dumbbells summary.

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Quick Pick: Bodypower Rubber Hex [19659008] This is a breeze. The hexagonal design provides a more stable platform when moving rows and the like. Because the weight is fixed, there is no chance that a mother will break loose and break the flow. The rubber is also soil friendly, otherwise known as bail.

Buy a 12.5 kg pair at Amazon | £ 50.99

Plan your training carefully and a good kettlebell is enough to train and improve your muscles cardiovascular fitness. The Buyer's Guide contains the advice of former British kettlebell sports world champion Jamie Lloyd to help you select the best bells.

RECOMMENDED: The Best Kettlebells for the Home

These cast-iron beauties are not as expensive as competitive kettlebells, and every weight option has a wide grip. This is exceptionally useful when – as some of us at Coach – 16 kg as a starting weight for men are frankly laughable (we take something with a lighter, thanks).

Buy at Amazon | From £ 7.99

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