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The Best Health and Fitness Apps

Best Activity Sharing App: Strava

Strava's continued popularity (more than ten million people have logged more than a billion activities) is based not on their users' obsessive record but on the social qualities of Strava , You can share your runs and rides with a large community of users, congratulate others on their efforts, ask for advice, and compete with friends and rivals to find the King of the Mountain (virtual) jersey for your local hill. Strava is incredibly easy to use for newbies, but also provides enough depth in the data collected to satisfy those who are happiest while analyzing their performance. strava.com

Download from the App Store and Google Play | Free, individual packs € 2.99 per month | Eight Key Tips for Beginners of Strava

For Practice Classes: Fiit

There are many subscription-based apps that try to offer a boutique fitness experience in your home videos of courses that you can track at any time, but fiit the best we have ever seen. The classes are based on duration (there are 25-minute and 40-minute options), type (strength, cardio or "rebalance", the latter means yoga and Pilates), level of difficulty and even which body parts are processed. The app works in concert with Fiit's Wahoo Tickr X heart rate monitor, which also displays the number of reps in strength and cardio classes so you can try to beat those values ​​next time. The production values ​​of the videos are high and the coaches are consistently outstanding. fiit.tv

Download from App Store | £ 1

9.99 a month, £ 44.99 a quarter, £ 119.99 a year | Fiit review

Best Tracking Running: Runkeeper

This time-honored and highly popular tracking application is filled with details of your field trips. The user interface is clear and the social side of the app is well-developed thanks to a 50 million user base. Runkeeper also offers pro users personalized weekly training plans. runkeeper.com

Download from the App Store and Google Play | Free, Pro Version £ 7.99 per month

For Tracking Cycling: Cyclemeter

Cyclists have access to an amazing range of data that can be transferred using this smartphone app. This makes it the best choice for stat, card and graphic junkies. This wealth of information is displayed well with many bright colors – always a plus in our book. Torn between this and Strava? Do not worry – you can easily sync all your cyclemeter rides to Strava and take advantage of both. abvio.com/cyclemeter

Download from the App Store and Google Play | Free, Pro Version £ 9.99 per year

Best For Calorie Counting: MyFitnessPal

The undisputed king of calorie counting apps – a title that has been held since the days when he was simply known as MyFitnessPal. Thanks to a unique food database, you can use this app to record your meals more easily than anyone else. So you can track your calorie intake and detailed macros. All of this should theoretically make compliance with a healthier diet virtually effortless. myfitnesspal.com

Download from the App Store and Google Play | Free, Pro Version £ 7.99 per month

Best for trained bodyweight exercises: SWORKIT

Circuit training is an appealing idea, but for many people it is a list of exercises that will ensure that you have a comprehensive workout hard. Fortunately, SWORKIT has countless bodyweight exercises built into the app. With preset routines, you can choose to focus on strength, cardio, yoga, or stretching, and which body parts, if not all, belong to it. you want to aim. Screen animations guide you through every step of your workout that you can set between five minutes and one hour. Once you've developed yourself for circuit training, you can use the practice bench to build your own session from scratch. sworkit.com

Download from the App Store and Google Play | £ 3.99 per month, £ 7.49 per year

Ideal for creating custom interval workouts: Intervals

If you enjoy mapping detailed interval workouts of any kind, you'll lose track of them quickly, What you should do once you start to sweat, get this app. Schedule your sessions through intervals and you will be kept up to date with the timers, the details of what you want to do at a given time, and what you will do next. It's well designed, simple and offers everything you need in the free version.

Download from App Store | Free, Pro Version 2.99 €

Best for beginners: A couch up to 5K

There are many apps that coach you through a workout plan that gets 5K running without interruption – but Public Health England's One You govern her for three reasons. The first is that it's completely free, the second is that the plan and the individual sessions are presented clearly and attractively, and the third is that these sessions are told by celebrities like Michael Johnson and Sarah Millican, as well as head coach Laura, which works wonders to hold you. nhs.uk/oneyou/apps

Download from App Store and Google Play | Free

Ideal for guided running sessions: Nike + Run Club

A great running app that features audio-guided runs by Nike coaches and athletes, including the mighty Sir Mo Farah. You can also get a personalized training plan tailored to your goal and current fitness. In addition, the app will remind you of your sessions and automatically adjust if you miss out on some of them. nike.com/plus

Download from the App Store and Google Play | Free

Best diet planning app: Lifesum

Lifesum's sleek design sets it apart from other diet apps. Once you've set a goal – losing weight, gaining weight or being healthier – the app tracks every part of your diet and exercise and gives recommendations on how to achieve your goal. Lifesum can be integrated with a variety of other apps to ensure that no step of your activity is missed. In the Gold version, recipes, recipes, meal plans, and comprehensive feedback on the nutritional content of your food are even more impressive. Free, Gold £ 7.99 monthly, App Store and Google Play, lifesum.com

Download from the App Store and Google Play | Free, Pro Version £ 7.99 per month

Best for improving your cooking: FitMenCook

You definitely do. When you prepare your own meal, you can keep a close eye on things like fat and sugar that creep into prepared meals and prepared sauces in alarming amounts. With this app, you can quickly and inexpensively prepare healthy meals, even if your culinary skills range only to beans on toast. fitmencook.com

Download from App Store and Google Play | £ 3.99, pro version £ 0.79 a month, £ 4.49 a year | Five Healthy Take-To-Work Lunch Ideas by Fit Men Cook

Best suited to create indoor exercise fun: Zwift

Most cyclists and runners fear when they complete their indoor training, It is much less fun to stare at a wall for an hour than to enjoy the view of nature. Zwift changed all that by replacing the wall with the virtual world of Watopia. Sure, it's not as conspicuous as the reality, but the cycling community in Zwift is particularly well established and you can participate in rides and races with people from all over the world through the app. Connect Zwift with a smart turbo trainer, and the resistance will be changed according to the gradient you are attacking in Watopia to enable a more realistic driving. zwift.com

Download from App Store | £ 12.99 per month

Best For Bicycle Repairs: The Road Bike Manual

Repairing and repairing your bike can be a very rewarding experience as you can use all the tools normally found in a cabinet and do something without having to pay an expert. But it can also be absolutely annoying. This excellent app makes it more likely that it is a rewarding process. Tutorials and videos take you through all aspects of bike maintenance. Each repair manual also includes an introductory summary that shows you which tools you will need, how long you will probably need, and most importantly, how difficult it is to score five so you can steal properly for the impending torments / successes

] Download from the App Store and Google Play | £ 2.99

Ideal for running in a city break: Runnin & # 39; City

Holiday does not necessarily have to be a vacation from running – and why not take the opportunity to enjoy some of the best local landmarks at the same time? Runnin 'City offers a range of guided running tours in 120 cities. There are running lanes of 5 km, 10 km and 15 km in each area. If you are worried that you will have to pay a huge phone bill, you can download the audio and map files to your phone for later use, avoiding roaming charges. runnincity.world

Download from the App Store and Google Play | Free

Best For Booking Social Media Activities: Resurrecting

Booking social media runs and cycles is an essential part of routine post-workout training for many people, and that's no shame. However, it's a shame to constantly take the same photo of your regular route on Instagram or use sweaty selfies every time. People want variety and information about their training session, and Relive is the best way to give it to them. Link Experience a tracking app like Strava, Garmin Connect or Endomondo, then select an activity and sit back while Relive creates a short video showing your route on a 3D map and the peak heart rate, the highest altitude and the maximum speed indicates. It can also automatically integrate all the photos you've taken on the route, and you can post on a variety of social media sites at the touch of a button. relive.cc

Download from the App Store and Google Play | Free

Best For Detecting Drugs: MyTherapy Tablet & Pill Reminder

If you are prescribed medication, it is absolutely important to stick to it, but if you are like us, you will find that all this it's too easy to skip a dose It seems we're not alone – according to the World Health Organization, only half of people in developed countries remain on the course. This is bad for many reasons. The main reason is that in the EU every year an estimated 200,000 people die of missing medicines. Non-compliance with drugs also costs the NHS hundreds of millions of pounds per year and can help develop antibiotic-resistant superbugs. This free app reminds you to take your meds and can include family members and friends to help them get started. You can also track your symptoms and mood in the app to track trends to see if they're related to the drugs you use. mytherapyapp.com

Downloading App Store and Google Play | Free

Best for Avoiding Bad Weather: Runcast

This nifty app provides all the weather information relevant to your run. So you can dress appropriately or even delay until the sky is clear. endorphinapps.com

Download from App Store | £ 0.99

Best for improving your sleep: Twilight

Blue light at bedtime may affect your sleep, but moving to bed without electronic devices is a step too far for many people. Do not charge Twilight in the kitchen, but download the screen with a warm red filter as soon as dawn breaks. team.urbandroid.org

Download from Google Play | Free, Pro version 2.99 €

Great conditions for becoming active and nostalgic: Pokémon Go

Every little bit helps when it comes to doing sports. So, when the prospect of multi-colored creatures from your childhood moves, move to it. There is some debate about how much Pokémon Go is actually beneficial for fitness, but if you play the game you have to get up and walk around. Proof of this is the incredible 8.7 billion kilometers that players have covered in the app's first six months of life. Yes, many people really like Pokémon. pokemongo.com

Download from App Store and Google Play | Free

Best for tracking a wide variety of sports: Endomondo

What sets Endomondo apart from other motion tracking apps is the sheer number of sports that you can record and commute with) and hiking – at least – snowshoeing , Windsurfing and Canicross (running with the dog in the field). endomondo.com

Download from the App Store and Google Play | Free, Pro Version £ 4.49 Per Month

Best Recipe App: SideChef

This free app features a menu with over 3,000 recipes and a step-by-step guide. SideChef also offers instructional videos, nutrition tips and built-in timers to help keep you up to date in the kitchen. sidechef.com

Download from the App Store and Google Play | Free

Best for Running Fun: Zombies, Run!

The Ultimate Way to Operate Gamification, Zombies, Run! Immerse yourself in a world where the undead run amok and you are the key to human survival. Each run is one of 200 missions where you try to gather supplies for your base to rebuild civilization. The strength of zombies, Run! is a combination of an exciting story with an extremely smooth app that distracts everyone from the pain in the legs. There are four missions in the free version and a new free mission every week. For those who can not wait that long, the premium subscription unlocks everything. zombiesrungame.com

Download from App Store and Google Play | Free, Pro Version € 3.49 per month, £ 22.99 per year

Best for Weight Training: Freeletics Body Weight & Freeletics Gym

Freeletics creates an individualized fitness plan that uses only body weight so you getting in shape (Freeletics Bodyweight) or dumbbells when working out in the gym (Freeletics Gym). In slow motion videos, you'll learn every exercise and the motivation of the thriving freeletics community is huge. freeletics.com

Download from the App Store and Google Play | £ 25.99 for three months, £ 44.99 for six months, £ 59.99 per year

For a quick workout: Seven

This app provides short bodyweight training to ensure that you stay in shape regardless of time and travel restrictions. And if you have more than a few minutes, you can easily add some more circuits to Seven's app that will guide you through every step of your exercise with pictures on your phone and the watch, if you have one. perigee.se

Download from App Store and Google Play | Free, Pro Version £ 9.99 per month

Best for a Six Pack: Runtastic Six Pack Abdominal

There are many apps that promise to deliver six-pack abdominal muscles. However, this is the best choice. Runtastic Six Pack Abs has a decent range of abdominal muscle workouts that combine into quick, easy-to-follow core workouts. runtastic.com/sixpack

Downloading App Store and Google Play | Free, Pro version € 3.49 per month

Ideal for finding classes: MINDBODY

Use MINDBODY to find the studios and fitness classes in your area that will help you find your class type and location. mindbodyonline.com

Download from the App Store and Google Play | Free

Ideal for soundtracking your workouts: Fit Radio

Soundtrack with playlists that make sure you get 110% (or less cliché, but equally impressive) every time. Fit Radio has mixes for every type of exercise and automatically detects your walking speed to match the beat. fitradio.com

Download from App Store and Google Play | Free, Pro Version £ 2.99 per month

For Best Weight Training: Gymaholic

A comprehensive training aid for those who spend a lot of time in the weight room. The practice library can be used in a number of training plans for all abilities, or you can create your own custom routine. gymaholic.me

Download from App Store | Free, Pro version 5,99 €

Best weight training app: StrongLifts 5×5

Simplicity is the key to the success of this strength training app. It determines exactly which exercises to perform, including the number of repetitions, sets, and weights, and it's easy to measure progress over time. stronglifts.com

Download from App Store and Google Play | Free, Pro version £ 9.99

Best for cycling Navigation: CycleMaps

If you're on the fastest route with map apps on a regular basis, even if it's the busiest road, CycleMaps is the place for cyclists Route. This makes it invaluable, especially in major cities, where the use of the network of back roads and bike lanes can make every trip much more enjoyable. cyclema.ps

Download from App Store | Free, Pro Version £ 3.99

Best Walk App: The Walk

The Walk puts you in the middle of an action that takes you the length of Britain with a package that could save the world. The adventure covers 500 miles (805 km), 65 episodes and 800 minutes of audio, so you should continue for a while. thewalkgame.com

Download from the App Store and Google Play | Free, Pro Version 5.99 €

Best Reward App: Running Heroes

If you're an avid runner or cyclist, you're frankly a fool if you do not download Running Heroes. Link it to your favorite tracking app – Strava, Garmin, or whatever – and every activity you perform brings points to the Running Heroes app. These points offer net rebates on all major sporting goods brands as well as discounts and one-off treats. The points also count for regular competitions for larger prizes such as a new fitness tracker. runningheroes.com

Download from the App Store and Google Play | Free

Best for swimming: Speedo On

Too bad that the poor swimmer, who is considered runner and cyclist, is ridiculed with app for new app. Speedo On is designed to restore balance by providing a platform for logging and improving swimming. It's synced with the waterproof trackers Misfit and Garmin, but what sets it apart are the training plans, challenges, and benchmarking exercises for developing your water skills. on.speedo.com

Download from the App Store and Google Play | Free

Best For Great Challenges: My Virtual Mission

Most people will never have the time or the money to embark on a great adventure, for example, cycling the world or exploring the full length of the UK. With this app, you can set a parent goal that you can go through everyday walking, cycling, running, kayaking, or whatever else you want to stay active. myvirtualmission.com

Download from App Store and Google Play | Free

Best Return: Charity Miles

Increase the endorphin rush you receive at the end of the exercise by adding the warm glow, knowing that you have made a difference, even if it still so small. For every mile you cover, walk or bike with Charity Miles, corporate sponsors donate to a charity of your choice. charitymiles.org

Download from the App Store and Google Play | Free

Best on-the-go navigation app: Komoot

Set off to nature when you know you can not get lost thanks to Komoot's offline maps. These include routes for hikers and bikers. komoot.de

Download from App Store and Google Play | Free, Pro Version £ 29.99

Best for Exploring: Geocaching

Go outside and embark on the world's greatest treasure hunt and search for geocaches – small packages hidden by other users. It's addictive and takes you to surprising places. geocaching.com

Download from the App Store and Google Play | Free, Pro Version 5.99 € per month

Best for Yoga Classes: Yogaia

A live online studio that brings yoga, pilates and other classes to your home, for those who either have no time Have a class for it or fear the judgment of other participants when it comes to a sloppy, downhill dog. Although you are not visible to other participants, the instructor can see you so that he can correct mistakes. In addition to live classes, there are a variety of recorded sessions if you do not need instructions for a trainer. yogaia.com

Download from App Store and Google Play | £ 14.99 per month, £ 32.99 per quarter, £ 89.99 per year

Best choice if you are a man Short for Five-A-Side: Players find

Sometimes the overall motivation is you have to practice, a buddy do it. Enter the activities you are interested in and your abilities, and you will be matched with others who need an extra body for their six-man team, badminton training, a fitness trip or whatever their fitness boat is swimming. Free, App Store and Google Play, findaplayer.com

Download from the App Store and Google Play | Free

Best Mindfulness / Meditation App: Headspace

Meditation can be a useful tool for dealing with stress, but like almost everything, it takes a little practice to get it right. Headspace promises to give you meditation in just ten minutes a day. You can test these claims with the free Take10 Trial, which offers ten-minute sessions for beginners. The full app is expensive, but it involves hundreds of hours of content to help you meditate. headspace.com

Download from the App Store and Google Play | Free, Pro version £ 9.99 per month, £ 74.99 per year

Best choice for your weight loss: DietBet

Add a financial incentive to your diet by putting cash on your weight loss. DietBet users buy into a pot along with thousands of others, and those who achieve their weight loss goals share the profit. The money itself will not change your life, but the weight loss could be. dietbet.com

Download from App Store and Google Play | Free

Best Running App for Apple Watch: iSmoothRun

If you're a runner who has bought an Apple Watch to follow your practice, you may be under-challenged by local sports monitoring on the device. Fortunately, one of Apple Watch's great strengths is its large selection of apps, including the award-winning iSmoothRun, which turns it into a full-fledged running watch. You can customize the displays to show your stats, sync your runs with third-party apps like Strava, and follow structured wrist workouts. ismoothrun.com

Download from App Store | £ 4.99

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