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The best full-body exercises for all athletes

To achieve fitness goals, you need to go through various exercises as part of your fitness routine – and not just because the same exercise is repeated over and over again, it becomes boring after some time. However, if you have limited time and want to perform movements that affect multiple muscle groups at one go, you should turn to these full-body exercises.

We asked Toby Lynes, Fitnes Gym's fitness instructor, to name and explain his favorite beginner to advanced and advanced exercises, and we've also added some of our favorites. Despite the name, these exercises do not work for every part of the body, but you can be sure that they will hit multiple muscle groups, and many of them also provide cardiovascular training.

Beginner Whole Body Exercises


"This is a great cardiovascular exercise," says Lynes, "because it's necessary to move your entire body as quickly as possible from a horizontal position to a vertical position move. The movement requires many muscle groups to work in a coordinated fashion, including your shoulders, abdominals, and lower body, especially your quads and calves. To power all these muscles, your heart rate will rise, which means you will also burn a lot of calories.

"When standing, place your hands on your feet on the floor and then jump back with your legs in a pressure position. Jump back with your legs so your knees are close to your chest. Then jump up and put your hands over your head.

Medicine Ball Slam

"This is a fantastic move to develop strength, power and speed". says Lynes, "and also burns a lot of calories. The muscle groups that were trained in this exercise are mainly your abdominals, quads, glutes, calves, back, and shoulders.

"In a wide posture with your feet on both sides of the ball, squat down to pick up the ball, then stand on tiptoe and lift the ball over your head as fast as possible. When you have fully extended your arms, throw the ball down as straight as possible.

Romanian dumbbell with deadlift

"This is a great exercise to strengthen your back chain – the muscles that run from the back of the neck to the ankles, especially the thigh muscles, the glutes and the back muscles", says Lynes. "Swinging at the hip under the load is especially good for improving the mobility of the thigh muscles and increasing strength.

"Hold the dumbbells with your palms in your direction. Pull your shoulder blades back and down, place your pelvis in a neutral position and support your abdominal muscles. While following this posture, with your knees slightly bent, push your hips back and lower the weights in front of your legs. Do not let your spine round. Once you feel your spine begin to curve, stop the movement and return to the top by bringing your hips forward. "

Farmer's Walk

A great exercise for beginners, but it can take you far. all up to The strongest man in the world in fact. As a standing exercise, this will really train your core, as well as your legs, forearms and upper back, if you do this for a longer period of time.

If you're in a gym, dumbbells or kettlebells are your best, though a dumbbell or trap bar will work as well. If you are in a special strongman facility, you should handle the peasant's grip handles.

The movement is as straightforward as you think: with your arms on your sides, keep heavy weights smart to nail your posture. Stand upright, stretch your back, hold your shoulders tight and your chest proud.

Getting the right weight is difficult, but keeping it in a natural position on the sides gives you the opportunity to try harder. Go for about 20 kg for dumbbells or kettlebells.

Exercises for the Whole Body


"Add pressure to the movement to bring your triceps and chest into the muscle groups," says Lynes, "says Lynes.

"When standing, place your hands on your feet on the floor and jump your legs back so you are in a pressure position, apply pressure, make sure your chest touches the ground, and then jump your legs back so your knees are close to your chest, jump up and raise your hands over your head. "

Dumbbell hang clean and push

" Hanging and pushing can be very useful to develop strength under heavy load, "says Lynes, but it may also be used in an HIIT session to pump the heart and burn calories." The key muscle groups that were trained were Quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves, shoulders, back, and abdomen.

"The starting position looks like half the way to a deadlift – back and hips pushed back, arms pushed back n Hang down and hold the dumbbells forward with your palms facing you. From there, get up as quickly as possible, shrug your shoulders up to your ears and climb up on tiptoe. This movement creates the impulse so you can lift the dumbbells from the sides to the shoulders. Then push the dumbbells over your head, bring them back to your shoulders and return to the starting position. "

Crocodile Walk

Lower yourself from the top print position near the bottom while keeping your body straight. Begin crawling by placing one knee on the same side in the direction of the elbow while simultaneously moving the opposite arm forward. Concentrate on keeping your posture the same.

If you want to mix things up, reverse the movement so that you crawl backward.

Advanced Full Body Exercises

Man Maker

"A man maker consists of a multitude of movements that are strung together," says Lynes. "If the dumbbells are heavy, this exercise will challenge your strength, especially your core, back, shoulders, and cardiovascular system."

"Hold the dumbbells by your sides. Bend your legs to place the dumbbells on the feet on the floor, but do not release them and jump your legs back so that you are in a pressure position. Apply pressure and each row a dumbbell to your chest while holding the print position with the rest of your body. Jump your legs back to your hands and do a cleansing by getting up quickly, shrugging your shoulders and lifting the dumbbells to your shoulders. Then you go into a deep squat with the dumbbells resting on your shoulders. When you sit back, use the power in your legs to create momentum to push the dumbbells over your head. All this is a repeat.


"This is one of the best exercises to develop power through the back chain," says Lynes.

"Stand with your toes under the dumbbell. Bend your knees, lean forward and take the bar with your hands out of the shoulder, with your shoulders facing out. Push your chest out so that your spine is in a straight line and stretch your lower back. Inhale and support your abdominal muscles. Press through your feet, keeping your spine straight, and raise the bar until you are in an upright position. Exhale up, then inhale and tighten the abdominal muscles again. Keep your lower back straight and your chest out, and slowly lower the bar back to the floor. "

Just make sure that you have pinned the form before you think about seriously raising your weight because too many of these advice do not follow even a nonsense. Our deadlift guide should help, but there is no substitute for an expert who personally reviews your form.

Medicine ball over the shoulder

"This exercise has progressed as individuals need to learn to properly support themselves through the body's" corset "- all of the core muscles including the lower back – round or flexed spine position," says Lynes "While a deadlift has a straight spine position.

"Begin in a wide posture with your feet on both sides of the medicine ball. Squat as much as possible – do not worry about keeping your back straight. Hook your hands, wrists, and forearms around the ball for a firm grip. When you pick up the ball, swing your hips forward and push your toes up to create the momentum and power that will allow you to throw the ball over your shoulder. Turn around and repeat the process by throwing the ball over your other shoulder.

Barbell Jet

"This exercise combines a front squat and a high pressure press," says Lynes. "It's a great option to add a HIIT session and challenge your lower body and shoulders.

Hold the bar in front of your neck so that it's palm up and elbows forward on your collarbone Squat to a good depth, then explode up, push through your legs and push the bar over your head, lower the bar again, lower the next iteration.

Burpee Pullup

For this Exercise requires a chin-up bar, some floor space, and a lot of determination because it's not easy, stand under the chin-up bar, drop your hands to the floor, and jump back with your feet so your body is in the upper push position. (If you want, now is the time to apply pressure to make it even harder.) Jump your feet back to your hands, sp then wrestle up and grab the pole with an overhand grip and pull yourself up. If your chin is over the bar, you can count a repetition.

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