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The best fitness trainers for 2018

When you start your first purchase with a kick, it's obviously about running shoes. If you're into football, rugby, cricket, or just about any other sport, you'll probably also buy specialty shoes. But when it comes to the gym, many people are happy to rock up in an old pair of coaches, provided it does not make a big difference.

These people are wrong. The right shoe can make a big difference to your fitness training. Additional heel support and a sturdy base ensure weightlifting success, especially when squatting, while additional grip on the sole edges can help with rapid lateral movement as you complete speed and agility training.

If you spend all your time in the gym on the treadmill, running shoes are not a good choice for your workout, because the extra cushioning that helps to knock the walkways makes for an unstable base for lifting weights.

We're our selection for the best fitness trainers for every need. Find the right thing for you and go, Tiger.

Best For Sports Training: Adidas Alphaedge 4D

These versatile shoes have a printed midsole of mesh and can be used while running as well can also be used throughout the workout to aid running or other sports, especially in mobility and body weight exercises. We went to the start of the shoe and asked the professional boxer Anthony Yarde, what he likes the Alphaedge 4D. "Once I put them on I felt like they were supporting my ankles and I felt balanced in them," says Yarde. "I've noticed a big difference in my balance, especially when doing one-leg exercises."

Buy Men at Adidas | Women buy at Adidas | £ 249.95

Best suited for CrossFit: Reebok Nano 8 Flexweave

Reebok is the sponsor of CrossFit The company has a very good idea of ​​what a shoe needs for the sport, namely the ability to handle heavy lifting, HIIT, running and just about anything else you can do in the gym. The eighth edition of the Nano is the best so far, as we were vaguely told by Phil Morton of CrossFit Thames. The Nano 8 is not only more stylish than its predecessors, but also thanks to the new heel shoe and the molded midsole more stable for lifts.

Buy Men at Reebok | Women buy from Reebok | £ 99.95

Best for runners: On Cloud X [194559015]

Runners are repeatedly told that they have time Exercising in the gym Improve your strength and avoid injuries, but you'd better be out there, so runner requirements for runners are often limited to the exercises that you need to run – leg and core exercises. The Cloud X offers with ease on these fronts. The firm heel provides support for squatting and bumping that running shoes fail with their squeezing, padded soles. The toe box's upper is made of mesh, so it's extremely breathable and the sole is strong enough to transmit the power while being sufficiently padded to attack box jumps in HIIT classes without disturbing the knees. The best news of all for runners? The Cloud X has also made a name for itself as an excellent racing shoe thanks to this combination of strength and cushioning.

Buy Men at On Running | Women Buy At On Running | £ 125

Optimal for lifting: Adidas Powerlift.3.1

The narrow wide and midfoot straps of these shoes together provide a locked fit that provides the security you need when changing heavy weights. The raised heel and solid midsole help to provide you with a supportive and stable material that is ideal for exercises such as squats and cleanings.

Buy at Adidas |

Best for combining treadmill and weights: Nike Zoom Train Complete

If you like to jump on treadmill Before, between, or after weight training, you need a shoe that has enough cushioning to keep you comfortable, but not so much that it causes a squishy, ​​unstable surface when lifted. Fortunately, Nike manufactures this shoe.

Buy Men at Nike | £ 94.95 (currently reduced to £ 71.47)

Best Allrounder: Inov-8 All Train 215

Not only the Minimus is a round of fitness Option, with some cushioning for running and a sturdy, supportive lifting base, it also looks damn good, so you do not have to hide your shoes in your pocket on the way to and from the gym.

Buy from New Balance | £ 90

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