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The Best Fitness Trackers of 2018: Now with Black Friday Deals

Regardless of whether you are considering purchasing your first fitness tracker or are planning to upgrade your current training, you should do your research before jumping. Fitness trackers were once praised as pedometers, but now have the ability to record and estimate all kinds of metrics in almost all sports. This means that you should be able to find a tracker that will address virtually every box you can hope for. If you're new to this fitness tracking Malarky, ask yourself the following questions so you can find out what's important to you. If you already have a budget, you can switch to our top favorites in three different categories:

Need a fitness tracker at all?

The most important question of all. If you have a smartphone, there are numerous apps that often record your activities for free. Check out our list of the best fitness apps for running, cycling and workouts if you can meet all your needs without spending a penny.

How much do you want to spend?

Basic trackers now cost less than £ 50 However, to get features that enhance what every smartphone offers, it pays to spend as much as £ 1

00 for a good entry-level option. Mid-range trackers costing between £ 100 and £ 130 have additional fitness features such as heart rate tracking. Top-end trackers, which can cost up to £ 600, offer world-class features such as touchscreens and GPS tracking.

How much value do you put on appearance?

Some fitness trackers like the Nokia Steel or Misfit watch look just like watches; Some have unique, stylish designs, such as B. the beautiful Misfit Ray; and some look just like fitness trackers. If you do not mind the last option, the fitness tracker world is your oyster, but if you want to look smart, your options are a little more limited.

Do you want to pursue everyday activities or just sports?

An everyday tracker must be stylish and comfortable, recording the steps, sleep and calories burned. However, with dedicated sport tracking this may not be enough. If you are just planning to wear your tracker for the sport, you can opt for something brighter but richer.

What will you do?

If you enjoy a particular sport, you should check your tracker to record it properly. There are many trackers for running, hiking and cycling, but if you're swimming, playing HIIT sessions, Pilates or tennis, check out the reviews to see if your chosen tracker records this activity properly.

Do you need an integrated GPS?

Additional GPS tracking allows your tracker to accurately track speed, distance and altitude during outdoor activities, such as running and cycling, without forcing your phone to carry it. However, this is associated with a price. Cheaper trackers use an accelerometer to estimate the distance traveled with mixed results. For example, when you get your smartphone up and running, you can handle the Fitbit Charge 3, which uses the GPS on your smartphone to accurately measure distance.

Do you need it to be waterproof?

If you swim regularly is clearly a must. Many trackers have some water resistance, which means you can walk or shower in the rain, but few have the water seal required for swimming.

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Do you want to keep track of your heart rate?

Monitoring of decent heart rate was once limited to the most expensive fitness trackers, but can now also be found in mid-range wrist trackers and cheaper devices that carry you on your chest or temple, and it is a key feature for those who are particularly interested in HIIT workouts. It has to be said that it is not always reliable, especially if it is traced from the wrist. Some trackers constantly monitor your heart rate, which affects battery life, but provides an overall picture of your health based on metrics like your resting heart rate. Other heart rate trackers work only during activities.

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Do you want to track down your sleep?

Sleep is just as important as exercise and diet, if that is the case it comes to your overall health. Many trackers now record how long you spend in your sleep and divide this into periods of deep, light, and REM sleep, so you can assess your sleep quality. This is a feature that is more common in everyday fitness tractors than in dedicated sports watches. Good battery life is the key to using sleep tracking.

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How often are you prepared to charge the device?

The battery life is very different on fitness trackers. Companies like Misfit and Nokia use watch batteries that last up to eight months before they need replacing, while others use rechargeable options that need to be plugged in every night. Features like a fantastic screen, GPS and heart rate monitoring will make life difficult for trackers. So if you often do not need to recharge the device, you need to reduce the demands in other areas. [19659002] Have you looked at the app?

Just as important as the tracker itself is its app, because in this way you interact mainly with the collected data. Big players like Fitbit and Garmin have very detailed features in their apps, so you can spend hours analyzing your data or connecting with friends.

Need a tracker with screen?

The quality of the screen for the fitness trackers are very closely related to the price. So, if you want a full-color touchscreen, you can expect to get the top dollar. It's great to see all your stats on the go, especially during activities. However, if you plan to have your phone with the app, you may still consider the screen less important. If you choose a screenless device, you can get a more discreet, stylish model.

Would you like a coaching?

Some trackers go beyond passive tracking of your activity and will actively coach you during your activities. Schedule a workout plan. This does not necessarily mean that you have to spend more: Moov, for example, has Tracker for less than 100 euros, which you will train through activities such as running, cycling and HIIT training.

Play It With Your Favorite Apps

If you're really into fitness tracking, you may prefer certain smartphone apps like Strava, Runkeeper, or Nike + Run Club, and an overview of all your activities to collect on them. If you receive a new fitness tracker, you'll need to link it to those apps so you can continue logging your activity. Mostly the link will be automatic and easy, but it's worth checking to see if your shiny new tracker actually communicates with the Strava profile you've built up over years of running and cycling.

Are you a triathlete? [19659003] When you focus on multi-sport activities, you need a niche product that not only provides running, cycling, and outdoor swimming tracking, but also allows a seamless combination of activities as one activity. This means that you will be in the best market.

The Best Black Friday Fitness Tracker Deals

Garmin Forerunner 935 Tri Bundle – 29% Off

The Garmin Forerunner The 935 is an extremely impressive running and triathlon watch with 24 hours of GPS battery life and a host of features to satisfy the obsessed. All this, however, is to be had at a tremendous price. So, it's worth completing this great Black Friday deal from Wiggle, which reduces the Forerunner 935 Tri Bundle by 29%. These include the watch itself and two chest heart rate monitors, one of which is for swimming.

Buy at Wiggle | £ 399.99

Entry-level fitness tracker (less than £ 100)

A modest budget is not an obstacle to an excellent fitness tracker as these four entry-level options show. Whatever you value the most, be it heart rate monitoring, long battery life, or a waterproof design, you can find an effective tracker for less than $ 100.

Best Budget GPS Tracker: Huawei Band 2 Pro

Given the multitude of features – including heart rate monitoring and GPS tracking – you might think that the Huawei Band 2 Pro at £ 50 in the suspicious cheap category falls. We doubtless had our doubts, but when we tried it, we realized it was delivered. This makes it a staggering bargain, as every other tracker that matches its features saves at least £ 100, and more likely £ 130.

The built-in GPS makes the Huawei Band Pro 2 particularly appealing to those who want to accurately track runs and cycles, and sleep tracking adds new and useful metrics, such as continuity in deep sleep.

Buy on Amazon £ 49.99

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Best for battery life: Misfit Ray

[194590012] The Best Fitness Trackers of 2016: Misfit Ray "title =" The Best Fitness Tracker of 2016: Misfit Ray "/>

The Misfit Ray is one of the smallest, lightest and most comfortable fitness trackers available, while over a six-month Battery Life is one of the most convenient, meaning you do not have to worry about forgetting to charge it, or forget to put it on in the morning because it's charging.

It is waterproof so you can wear it in the shower or while you're on the go swimming – it even tracks your swimming, time counted, laps and swim distance (though you'll have to pay extra £ 7.99 for this functionality.)

The design of the Ray i Also flexible and offers a variety of watches already available bands, bracelets and necklaces

Buy from Amazon £ 39.50

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Best entry-level swim tracker: Fitbit Flex 2 [19455910]

[194590012] The Best Fitness Trackers of 2016: Fitbit Flex 2 "title =" The best fitness trackers of 2016: Fitbit Flex 2 "

The Flex was Fitbit's first wrist-based fitness tracker and the Flex 2 builds on its predecessor's foundations the original captures the Flex 2 your steps, distance traveled, and calories burned, as well as sleep at night, and has a series of LEDs that tell you how close you are to your daily step goal glance.

The However, Flex 2 also adds some important new features to the mix, the biggest change being that it's now waterproof and recording your swimming.

You may think the functionality sounds very much like Misfit Ray, and you have r The biggest difference is that the Flex 2 does not have a battery life of six months, but is quite healthy for five days. Whatever you choose, you will end up finding a great fitness tracker for beginners.

Buy Fitbit | £ 69.99

Best for HIIT: Moov HR

The only entry on this entire list that complies with the standard -Tracking falsifies location of the wrist in favor of the temple. Why this is done by Moov is simple: the manufacturer believes it is a more accurate place for heart rate monitoring, and Moov HR is all about heart rate measurement.

If you are intrigued by the idea of ​​HIIT but find it hard to motivate yourself to do it alone, or do not know how to do it, the Moov HR may be the perfect tracker for you. Buckle up the headband, open the app, and you will be voice-assisted by various HIIT workouts. These include circuit training routines, which consist of bodyweight exercises, as well as some sports-specific HIIT training.

The Moov HR does not focus on standard tracking metrics like steps and sleep – it's all about increasing heart rate, and that's very successful in this niche. Heart rate measurement is accurate and without delay. In particular, the circuit training routines are best designed to get you to your maximum. If you slow it down, the trainer will tell you to work harder to get your heart rate higher Zone.

Buy from Moov | $ 79.95 (approximately £ 61)


Mid-range fitness tracker (£ 100- £ 140)

As you've seen, there is useful trackers less than 100 pounds, but get over that mark and you open up a new world of exciting features, such as: Heart rate monitors by default, smartwatch-style notifications, and even basic screens. Be excited, people.

Best Fit for Weight Loss: Fitbit Alta HR

The Alta HR combines all the features that make the Fitbit trackers so popular into a sleek package that's in style with the Misfit Ray. The built-in heart rate monitor allows for more accurate calorie counts, better sleep tracking and resting heart rate, and an estimate of your VO2 maximum (referred to as the Cardio Fitness Score in the Fitbit app). The last two are an excellent measure of your overall cardiovascular fitness.

The Fitbit Charge 2 (see below) has a larger screen, some extra features and is just a little more expensive, but the sleek shape of the Alta HR is an essential part of its appeal, meaning that you will feel comfortable when You wear it all the time.

Buy Fitbit | £ 129.99

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Best Midfit Fitbit for the gym: Fitbit Charge 3

[19659041] Although the smaller Alta HR is rated as the more stylish of the two, the watertight Charge 3 is hardly ugly, and the extra size is used by a clearer screen and some notable extra features. These include Connected GPS, which allows your phone to track the distance of runs and cycles outdoors more accurately than just using the Fitbit accelerometer and the ability to view your statistics during exercise or set up a simple interval session. what you can not do on the Alta HR.

Buy Fitbit | £ 129.99

Optimal functioning: Garmin Vivosmart 4 [19455911]

One of the best things about Garmin is as soon as a new feature is added its high-end trackers, it usually runs on cheaper wearables of the brand. The Vivosmart 4 is packed with impressive features, including auto-repeat counting, VO2 maximum and fitness age estimates, all-day stress tracking and automatic activity tracking, and waterproofing for you to swim.

It also has an integrated heart rate monitor for 24/7 tracking and a measurement of resting heart rate. With the new Body Battery function you can even estimate your energy.

Buy at Garmin | £ 119.99

Best for a watch: Withings Steel

The once portable Nokia Steel remains the best hybrid Clock / fitness tracker, which is also available after the name change. The Withings Steel is stylish, has a battery life of eight months and automatically tracks activity (including swimming) and automatic sleep. Apart from a few exercises, you do not have to exert yourself – the watch will follow your movements calmly and synchronize all information with the partner app.

Buy at Withings £ 119.95

High End Fitness Trackers (from £ 140)

The crème de la crème. These top-notch trackers are the smartest you can get, with eye-catching screens, built-in GPS and the ability to provide detailed statistics on all your sporting activities. If you fell into a fitness rabbit hole and have the moolah, these are the best options.

Best Running Tracker: TomTom Spark / Runner 3


The TomTom Spark 3 (also known as Runner 3) ) is an excellent multisport watch. It's waterproof and comes standard with built-in GPS, heart rate tracking and room for music in the more expensive options (Spark 3 Cardio + Music).

Runners in particular will love the features of the Spark 3 All the important statistics of their run are available at a glance – average speed, current pace, time, distance, heart rate – Spark 3's Route Exploration feature makes it easy to run on the clock, so you never have to worry about getting lost again in another place.

The Spark also has many dedicated workout modes so you can set up a watch's heartbeat or it should alert you when you stop running at a certain tempo or out of beat desired heart rate zone. It's an unrivaled all-around package that makes the Spark 3 one of our most popular running watches.

Buy from TomTom | 189.99

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Best All-Round Smartwatch: Apple Watch Series 4


When it comes to smartwatch functionality, the Apple Watch Series 4 is one step ahead of the competition. It has a well-stocked app store, a user-friendly wallet (a credit card for your bank cards, tickets, boarding passes, Tesco Clubcard, and more), music storage, and the ability to stream Apple Music and save podcasts. If you choose the cellular version of the watch, you can also make phone calls, send emails, and stream music without a phone.

The daily fitness tracking is also addicted to the system of three activity rings that you use brilliantly quickly. When it comes to sports tracking, you can use the native app for everything, including swimming, or choose one of the many third-party apps. If you're not on Android or need very detailed sports tracking, the Apple Watch 4 offers the best fitness tracking smartwatch available.

Buy at Apple | £ 399

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Best Smartwatch for Sports Enthusiasts: Garmin Vivoactive 3

Although it offers NFC payments through Garmin Pay, Vivoactive 3 can not compete The Smartwatch Features of its competitors – there is no room for music, the notifications are simple and the app market for third-party is limited – but when it comes to pure sports tracking, thanks to Garmin's excellent native software and the App Advantage.

You can customize the activity screens for running, cycling, or other purposes to display the statistics you want, and take guided structured workouts after creating them in the app. The Vivoactive 3 also features an automatic retest count for your strength training as well as VO2 max and a measurement of resting heart rate so you can track your fitness over time. It's not the smartest smartwatch there is, but it's the smartest Garmin, enough to be an attractive option for runners in particular.

Buy at Garmin | £ 279.99

Best Fitbit: Fitbit Ionic

The new Ionic may offer the best user experience of all smartwatches, with an amazingly clear screen, automatic activity tracking, including the new Run Detect – which even encourages the built system – in the GPS, when you hit the sidewalks – room for music and four days of battery life. You can also swim with the Ionic Pool, pay with Fitbit Pay (if applicable) and receive your personal coaching with a subscription to the Fitbit Coach App.

It's not quite as sporty as the Vivoactive 3 or pretty smart like the Apple Watch 4, but fits perfectly as an all-rounder between the two and offers Fitbit an excellent everyday active tracking and a user-friendly app.

Buy from Fitbit | 299,99 €

Best fitness tracker for triathletes: Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR

If you're already an avid triathlete or suspect your new desire to pursue your activity quickly at sporting events Your options are somewhat limited, unless you are willing to spend at least £ 350. However, the Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR has everything you need to find triathlons – including a dedicated multisport mode and outdoor swimming – all at two-thirds the price of most triathlon trackers.

This is not the case The black version is the most stylish of the trackers. It's unobtrusive enough to wear anytime, and the Spartan Trainer offers all the commonplace daily statistics, including calories and steps.

Buy at Suunto | £ 239

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